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First Dreams

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First Dreams
Type Ship
Captain Vazrmeb
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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First Dreams is a ship on Roshar that sails to the island of Akinah in Aimia.[1]


The ship is captained by Vazrmeb and helmed by Droz. Vazrmeb hires a Soulcaster named Kaza to accompany them on the trip. The crew is made up of hired sailors from Steen. The cook is Reshi in appearance.[1] It is not clear if the ship is owned by Vazrmeb or if it was chartered.

Vazrmeb and Droz both seek gemhearts that they believe to be on the island. Kaza hopes to find a cure to her Soulcasting savanthood that is slowly killing her.[1]


Few people try to approach Akinah due to the dangerous conditions surrounding the island. However, Vazrmeb and Droz are determined to become rich by retrieving gemhearts. Vazrmeb has some previous knowledge of the island since he is aware that a Soulcaster will be needed to breach a wall of stone spikes that encircle the island.[1]

The ship departs from Liafor on the mainland and sails north along the coast of Shinovar.[1] It then crosses the Aimian Sea, passing through an intense, unusual storm. Upon approaching Akinah, the crew boards the ship's dinghies and Kaza is able to Soulcast holes in the spikes surrounding the island.[1] The crew suddenly start to drop dead but Kaza manages to reaches the shore. She sees a larkin and the remains of a lanceryn. The cook reveals that she is Sleepless and that she poisoned the crew to protect a secret on the island. Kaza Soulcasts herself into smoke before succumbing to the poison.[1]


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