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Wandersail by Ryland Malcom.jpg
Type Ship
Captain Derethil
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

The Wandersail is a legendary ship on Roshar.

It was captained by Derethil, who had the ship built to travel through highstorms. The ship sailed into the open ocean in an attempt to find the origin of the Voidbringers. It was shipwrecked on a ring of islands in the middle of the ocean that surrounded a giant whirlpool "where, it is said, the ocean drains".

Derethil and his men met a people known as the Uvara, or the People of the Great Abyss. The crew of the Wandersail were welcomed by the Uvara, and the ship was repaired in their shipyards. Eventually, Derethil and the crew uncovered some disturbing aspects of Uvara society and quickly left the islands on the Wandersail, using the momentum of the whirlpool to get them away from it. They were accompanied by a single Uvara woman named Nafti.[1]


The story of Derethil and the Wandersail is told to Kaladin by Hoid. Hoid answers cryptically when Kaladin questions the story's authenticity,[1] and it may contain some elements of truth.[2]

The tale is known in Thaylenah, as Vstim gifts a newly built ship named after the Wandersail to his former apprentice Rysn Ftori. Rysn considers the story of the original Wandersail nothing more than a fanciful myth, while Vstim believes in the message of the story, if not the specifics.[3]

Wit telling Kaladin the story of the Wandersail


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