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Nationality Uvara
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Nafti was one of the Uvara, a legendary society on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

The Uvara are noted as having "long, limber bodies".[1] They wear shells in their hair that are not found elsewhere on Roshar, and monochrome robes.[1]


Hoid related the story of a ship named the Wandersail, captained by King Derethil, to Kaladin. The ship attempted to sail through a highstorm on the open seas and was wrecked on the uncharted islands of the Uvara. The Uvara initially seemed like a peaceful people, but Derethil soon realized that they violently killed each other if they made any kind of mistake, in fear of displeasing their emperor.[1]

Derethil and his crew discovered that the emperor had actually been dead for years, throwing the Uvara into chaos and rioting. Nafti, who had been serving as a guide to Derethil's crew, left the islands on the Wandersail. She explained that the reason the Uvara were in such anguish was that they had realized that they alone were responsible for all the death and violence.[1]


The tale of the Wandersail is known in several nations of Roshar, but some regard it only as a myth.[2] Hoid answers cryptically when Kaladin questions the story's authenticity.[1] At the same time, there may be elements of truth to the story.[3]


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