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Type Horse
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Ryshadium is a type or breed of horse on Roshar.[1]

Ryshadium are known for being larger, faster, and possessing greater stamina than other breeds of horse.[1] They are also generally considered to be more intelligent than other horses with their owners at least occasionally assuming that they are sentient.[2] Furthermore, they are known for choosing, and only obeying, a particular rider.[1] There are only a dozen men throughout the warcamps that have been chosen by Ryshadiums, with Dalinar and Adolin among these few. Their Ryshadium stallions were Gallant and Sureblood respectively.[1] Ryshadium are more common in the west, but they have been seen as far east as Alethkar.

Ryshadium obtain their special abilities through a spren bond. The specifics of this bond are as yet unknown.[3] It appears that they bond with musicspren, as they appear around Ryshadium even though there are no songs being played.[4]

Highprince Hatham had a Ryshadium[5], as did Highlord Kalanor.[4]

Though Ryshadiums were stronger and more intelligent than normal horses, Shardbearers sometimes fight unmounted because they didn't want to endanger them in close attacks.[6]

Gallant showed his special closeness to Dalinar in the Battle of the Tower when he charged through the lines towards Dalinar when he was attacked by the Parshendi Shardbearer.[6]

Ryshadium are not native to Roshar.[7]



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