Leavenworth Smedry

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Leavenworth Smedry
House Smedry
Children Attica, Kaz, Pattywagon
Descendants Alcatraz
Abilities Smedry, Oculator
Nationality Melerandian
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Leavenworth "Grandpa" Smedry is an Oculator and head of House Smedry.[1]

He came to Alcatraz' house the day after Shasta Smedry stole the sands of Rashid. He was late. He helped protect the king from the Librarians and sent knights to help the Mokians during the siege of Mokia.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Leavenworth is an elder man, mostly bald, with only some white, unkempt hair left on the back of his head. He wears a bushy white mustache.[1]

While in Hushlands Leavenworth wears a black tuxedo, believing it will make him blend in.

Grandpa Smedry has a very energetic and optimistic personality. He's vigorous and fit, despite his old age.

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

He has the Talent for always arriving late, which he has great control over. He is known to use his Talent to avoid being shot and to survive torture by arriving late to the pain.[2] He is even able to slow down groups of pursuers by switching sides and arriving late to his new target.[3]

Alcatraz figures out that he can use his grandfather's Talent to actually arrive early. He asks him to arrive with Crystin Knights to Mokia much sooner than it would be possible. As a result, Leavenworth was late in reference to the time Alcatraz had given him, but still arrived earlier than he normally would.[4][5]

Leavenworth Smedry is also a very skilled and powerful Oculator. He owns a rich collection of various lenses and has deep knowledge about them.


Grandpa Smedry has a tendency to curse using the names of Brandon's favorite writers, for example "Rumbling Rowns!" refers to Melanie Rawn.[6]


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