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Died Battle of Narak[1]
Species Ryshadium
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Sureblood is Adolin Kholin's Ryshadium stallion.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sureblood is a white Ryshadium stallion[3] with dark coloured eyes.[1] He is quite tall and will tower over a gelding[4]. He isn't as powerfully built as Gallant, who is much bulkier and squatter than Sureblood.[5] Shallan notes that he is actually a pure white color.[6]

Sureblood is not prone to panic, remaining calm under archery fire even when warhorses would not[2] and hardly needs handling by grooms.[3] Sureblood and his master share a close bond. Sureblood is very aware of Adolin's emotions and will often prance while Adolin is riding him in attempts to improve up his rider's mood.[7] Simply being near Sureblood is enough to make Adolin feel better[7] and Adolin has felt odd and morose to be on rides that do not include Sureblood.[5]


Adolin was more nervous on the day he met Sureblood than on the day he won his Shardblade because Ryshadium choose their own rider. He was young when they bonded but his exact age is not known.[1]

Sureblood is present during the Chasmfiend hunt[2] and the Battle of the Tower.[8][9]

He is killed by Parshendi lightning during the Battle of Narak. When he dies Adolin screams in grief.[1]


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