Radrian Blackburn

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Radrian Blackburn
Alcatraz1 Interior Art 4.jpg
Abilities Dark Oculator, Librarian
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Radrian Blackburn is a Librarian and a Dark Oculator on Earth.[1] He purposely put out one of his eyes to increase the power of the other one when using Lenses.


For a man who’s abilities depended on seeing, he was remarkably short-sighted.

—Grandpa Smedry[1]

He was employed by Shasta Smedry to make the Sands of Rashid into a Lens. He captured the initial Leavenworth's infiltration team, though Sing, Alcatraz, and Bastille escaped from their prison. He tried to get information out of Grandpa Smedry and Quentin, but Grandpa Smedry arrived late to the torture and Quentin activated his talent so that he only spoke in gibberish. Alcatraz rescued them, and soon after Blackburn and Grandpa Smedry had an Oculator’s duel. They were both very skilled, but Blackburn was more skilled and defeated Leavenworth. Alcatraz tricked Blackburn by breaking his Firebringer’s Lens to shoot backwards. When Blackburn tried to use it, it fired backwards into his single remaining eye and blinded him. He was left behind by the Smedry’s as they escaped, leaving him powerless and defeated.[2]


His name is likely a reference to Mount Blackburn in Alaska.


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