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Ethnicity Makabaki
Capital Azimir
Ruled by Prime Aqasix Yanagawn the First
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Azir is a kingdom in south-west Roshar.[1] Its capital is Azimir,[1] and people who are from Azir are called Azish. Kaladin is not sure what the language of the Azish peoples is.[2]

Geography and Ecology[edit]

During the Silver Kingdoms era, it was part of Makabakam[3], the largest of the Silver Kingdoms. Azir is the largest such nation that was formerly Makabakam, and Azir bordered Yulay, Desh, Yezier, and Emul.[1]

Azir is suggested to be warmer than Alethkar, but cooler than Iri.[4] It was even known as far as Azir that if you were sick, King Taravangian of Kharbranth would take you in.[5]

Azir have a legend about truthberry jam, an Azish fruit, which says that those who consume the berries speak only the truth until the next sunset. The berries themselves are harmless, but the leaves and stalks of truthberry plants can be burned, which makes people intoxicated and euphoric. Shallan Davar remarks to Kabsal that they should be called birthberries due to the fact of intoxication.[6]



Not much is known about the history of Azir. Many centuries ago, Sadees the Sunmaker conquered Azir, killing ten percent of the population. Sadees rationalized this act by claiming the Azish were uncivilized for not using eye color as a basis for their social hierarchy.[7] In some areas, Sadees ordered a certain number of executions a day. In others he declared all men with hair at a certain length to be executed.[8] Prime Aqasix Snoxil was the emperor during the conquest of Sadees. Snoxil's finger has been preserved as a relic.[7]

Azir is known to have very few Soulcasting Fabrials, the most famous of which has the ability to Soulcast bronze.[7] Many buildings in Azimir have bronze domes. The palace of the emperor even has decorative soulcast bronze trees.[9]

The capital, Azimir, has an Oathgate in the Grand Market, that was reopened by Lift during Dalinar Kholin's visit to Azir.[7]


The Azish Empire consists of these member countries: Tashikk, Yezier, Emul, Steen, Alm, Desh, Marat, and Tukar. While the Prime Aqasix is the emperor of these nations, they are subject in name only. When dealing with international politics, subject nations typically follow the lead of the Prime. Historically, Tashikk and Yezier are closest to the Azish throne. While these nations are subject mostly by tradition, leaders of nations within the empire cannot marry without the permission of the Prime.[10]

The Azish pride themselves on their method of electing new Primes, as it avoids succession wars. They believe that they are never without a Prime. When a Prime dies, the election of a new Prime is considered as a search for the person who is, and always has been, Prime. Any person, except for scions, can apply to be Prime Aqasix. The process requires many forms and essays, which are reviewed by viziers. The new Prime is often chosen from the viziers as they typically have the most convincing applications.[9] The Prime Aqasix wears a traditional hat with sweeping sides called the Imperial Yuanazixin.[11]

The Prime is considered to belong to the public. Citizens can enter a lottery to watch the Prime sleep, eat, and perform other daily tasks. They can also collect and keep relics, such as a nail clipping of strand of hair.[9]

When the Prime issues a mandate to the public, citizens have one month to make their grievances known before being forced to comply. These grievances are often displayed as logical arguments and protests.[7]


A folio page of Azish male public servant fashion from Liafor by Dan dos Santos

The Azish social hierarchy is based on education and elevation through the bureaucratic governmental system. Viziers and scribes are among the highest ranking members of society. Scribes are stratified by level and then circle.[11] The pattern on one's clothing indicates rank within the bureaucracy.[11] Regular citizens who are not members of the government are known as discrete.[9]


Azish people are described as being short and dark-skinned, deep brown, but not true black like some parshmen.[12][13][2] Not all dark-skinned peoples are Azish, however.[13] The Azish people have a smooth accent, like the Emuli.[14] They are peaceful, and prefer education to war. However, in battle they use bows and spears. Most of the Worldsinger population is Azish.


Many Azish worship Yaezir, or Jezrien. The other Heralds are known as Kadasixes.[citation needed] Scions are religious clerics who travel the kingdom bestowing blessings.[9] Some scions are also involved with the bureaucracy.


The Azish are known for wearing vibrant, colorful clothing. They are usually seen in robes or cloth wraps. Each article of clothing has a traditional Azish pattern on it. Azish fashion styles have been heavily influenced by male civil servant outfits.[15]

Notable Azish[edit]


  • The Azish view of homosexuality is based on middle-ages Indian society, wherein the gay person would be "socially reassigned" and be expected to exist and act as the opposite gender.[17]
  • The Azish government is partially based on the Chinese Confucian system.[18]


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