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Type Crop & food
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Clema is a crop grown on Roshar. It is labor-intensive to grow, similar to tallew or lavis, and cannot easily survive flooding.[1]


Clema can be baked into large rolls known as clemabread. Clemabread is common in Tashikk, and it is likely made in other parts of Roshar; Lift appears to be familiar with it when she arrives in Yeddaw. The bread is granular and breaks apart easily, giving it a mushy texture when eaten. The rolls often have a spicy paste at the center and can be served warm.[2]

Clemabread is presumably cheap to make, as the Stump often serves it at Tashi's Light Orphanage. According to Lift, this clemabread is "only slightly better than gruel, which is only slightly better than cold socks."[3]


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