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Titles Scion
Residence Azimir
Nationality Azish
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Oathbringer

Scion Unoqua is the religious leader of Yanagawn's court in Azir on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is old and has a full paunch.[1] He has a deep reverence for Yaezir and the religious customs of Azir.[1]


Unoqua was one of the highest-ranking scions in Azir, possibly the highest. He was referred to as Azir's "religious leader" and was part of Yanagawn's inner circle of advisors, alongside senior viziers such as Noura, Axikk, and Dalksi.[1] Although he was not mentioned by name, it is likely that Unoqua was the older scion who turned Nale away after Gawx was elevated to Prime Aqasix and pardoned Lift.[2] Lift later referred to an important scion in the Bronze Palace that she nicknamed "Daddy Sag-butt";[3] this also presumably referred to Unoqua.

Unoqua was aboard the ship evacuating Yanagawn from Thaylen City before the Battle of Thaylen Field. Along with Noura and Dalksi, he attempted to counsel Yanagawn against turning back to Thaylen City based on Lift's opinion. He held steadfastly to the notion that Yanagawn had been chosen as Prime by Yaezir and led by divine right, despite Yanagawn's dissent. Unoqua expressed fear and skepticism of the powers of the Knights Radiant and was concerned about the warnings of the Eila Stele.[1]


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