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by User: Otto didact
Ethnicity Tukari
Ruler Tezim
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Tukar was a kingdom on Roshar. It borders Emul and Marat.[1] People from Tukar are called Tukari. During the Silver Kingdoms era it was part of Makabakam.[2]

Tukar is at war with Emul over a dispute with the ancient trade city of Sesemalex Dar.[3] Depending on whom was talking, the war was either a religious conflict, led by Tukar's leader, the god-priest and Herald Tezim (Ishar)[4], or an excuse to seize the port city, as Au-nak suggests.

Before coming to Kharbranth, Jasnah was studying in Tukar.[5]


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