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Locator Tukar.png
Ethnicity Tukari
Ruled by Tezim
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The judgment of the final storm has come to destroy all men, and only his path will lead to deliverance.

Tezim, god-priest of Tukar[1]

Tukar is a kingdom on Roshar. It's ruled by god-priest Tezim, who is actually the Herald Ishar in disguise.[2] The people of Tukar are called the Tukari.[3]


Tukar lies in south-western Roshar, on the coast of the Southern Depths and the Aimian Sea, in the geographical region of Makabak. It borders Emul to the north and Marat to the west, both on rivers. The island chain leading from Tukar to Aimia are possibly under Tukari control.[4] The general climate of the country is unknown. It's likely to be hot and dry, much like the rest of Makabak.

Tukar has several settlements, such as Torriqqam and Khathazan. Along the Southern Depths, there are also the towns of Riqu Mar and Linder Mar.[5] Icewater, located on one of the islands off the coast, may belong to it. Sesemalex Dar, the capital of Emul, is located on the western border of Tukar, and the Tukari have laid claim to it for generations.[4][3] Due to their claim of ownership, there is a strong sense of anti-Emuli irredentism in the hearts of the people, which has led to many separate conflicts over the city over the centuries.[3]

Tukar has an area of around 702,000 km2.[6]


The war between Emul and Tukar was heating up. Granted, everyone was always saying that. But things had changed over the last few years.

The Heraldic Epochs[edit]

During the Silver Kingdoms era, Tukar was part of Makabakam.[8] At some point, Makabakam splintered into smaller states, with Tukar being one of them.[4]

The Era of Solitude[edit]

When the Azish Empire began to form, Tukar might've joined them, although their status within the coalition, if it even is part of the coalition, is confusing.[9][10]

The nations of Tukar and Emul have been in the state of on-and-off conflict for centuries, with the main point of contention being the city of Sesemalex Dar. This was done due to a combination of the religious value ascribed to Sesemalex Dar by both sides, and due to its effectiveness and value as a port city.[11][12]

Rise of Tezim and the Eighty's War[edit]

Around 1167, Ishar rose to power as the God-Priest of Tukar. As the leader, he began to lead a new conflict against Emul for control of Sesemalex Dar, known as the Eighty's War. Shortly before the Everstorm, in 1173, the fighting grew in ferocity.[7] At the same time, tensions with Marat began to rise, leading some to theorize that they may quickly turn their aggression to them instead.[1][13]

The True Desolation[edit]

Map of the war in Emul

When the True Desolation began, Dalinar Kholin sent messages to both Emul and Tukar, hoping that at least one of them would join his alliance.[14] Tukar outright refused, with the god-priest demanding that, as an "aspect of the Almighty", he should be the one in charge of Urithiru and the Knights Radiant, they quickly refused to submit to his demands.[1]

During the Desolation, voidspren began appearing in Shadesmar in the region equivalent to Tukar.[15] Nonetheless, by the Battle of Thaylen Field, the country is still considered to be neutral in the conflict.[16]

The Emuli Offensive[edit]

They played a major role in the Emuli Offensive in 1175, fighting against Alethi and Azish forces and the Coalition of Monarchs who were attempting to push the occupying Fused out of Emul.[citation needed] They primarily set up their armies in northeastern Tukar, around the Drunmu Basin.[5][17][expand]

Politics and Culture[edit]

Tezim, the god-priest of Tukar

The people of Tukar are typically brown-skinned and have black hair. Their clothes have colours similar to Azish patterns. The cloth is thicker and coarser then Azish clothing. Their outfits are also more enveloping then Azish clothing and have braided tassels that hang low from the waist. This style is common in the south east of Makabak.[18]

The Tukari wear colored bracelets, Dalinar thinks they have religious significance, although he’s uncertain.[19]

The Tukari are renowned across Roshar for their mercenaries, their perfumes and their jewellery.[19]

There are many herdsmen in Tukar.[17]

Tukar is most likely named after Tuk, the Tukari word for the Herald Talenel.[19]

Government and Religion[edit]

Tukar is a theocracy, with their current spiritual and political leader, Tezim, being alternately titled the god-priest, god-king, and priest-king.[7][2][9]

Unlike other Makabaki states, which consider Heralds to be gods, the Tukari worship the Almighty, much like the eastern nations. Tezim is likewise revered as a semi-divine figure, and considered an aspect of god.[20] Other titles ascribed to him are "first and last man", "Herald of Heralds" and "bearer of the Oathpact".[1] In reality, Tezim is the half-mad Herald Ishar, making those titles somewhat justified.[2] Though the average Tukari likely don't know his true identity, there are numerous odd rumors swirling about him outside of the country.[7]


The Tukari are highly militaristic. Tukar itself has numerous Soulcasters, which it has put to good use in Eighty's War.[21] It is not known if they have any Shardblades or Shardplate, though their military is considered highly capable.[1]

The Tukari Soldiers in Tezim’s army don’t wear proper uniforms, they are seen wearing hogshide battle leathers with hardened cuirasses painted a dark blue. Most of them are armed with spears, though some of them have steel swords.[17]

The Tukari Military is highly mobile with Ishar being able summon perpendicularities and hop in and out of Shadesmar.

International relations[edit]

I'd rather have the Emuli anyway. Their soldiers might be less capable, but they’re also… well, not crazy.

Technically, Tukar appears to be part of the greater Azish Empire, and the Prime Aqasix seems to have the capacity to summon the god-priest to Azimir whenever they wish.[9] However, for generations now Tukar has been at war with Emul, another Azish member state, putting the Prime's ability to control it in question.[11] The conflict is centered around the city of Sesemalex Dar, considered holy by both the Emuli and the Tukari. While the Emuli consider it their ancestral homeland, the Tukari motivations for the conflict are unknown. In the East, there is some confusion over whether the conflict is purely religious or economical, as Sesemalex Dar is an excellent port.[12]

Tukari in general are considered volatile and crazy by the outsiders, with the Alethi relieved at not having to ally with them, and Szeth speculating that they might suddenly abandon their crusade against Emul and go to war with Marat.[1][13] The main way of communicating with them diplomatically is through their scribes, with the god-priest himself rarely, if ever, speaking in person.[1]




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