Drunmu Basin

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Drunmu Basin
Occupied by The coalition of monarchs
Nation Emul
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

The Drunmu Basin is a region in southern Emul on Roshar.[1][2] It was contested by Odium's forces and the coalition of monarchs during the True Desolation.[2]

Geography and Ecology[edit]

The basin is vast, and encompasses a large portion of Emul's southern territory along its borders with Tukar and Marat. The eastern end of the basin reaches the foot of the mountains of Ur.[1] The basin is largely flat, although it has some small hills and slopes. Rosharan grass covers most of the ground; pilevines also flourish in the area, growing quite tall.[2]


Emul sustained significant damage towards the end of the Eighty's War] and after the awakening of the singers through the Everstorm.[3] Although the basin did not contain significant population centers, its location along the Emul-Tukar border made it strategically significant; Tezim's armies were stationed in the area.[1] Within a few months of the Battle of Narak, the singers under Odium's control took over much of Emul's territory, including the basin. The Emuli sought assistance from the nascent coalition of monarchs.[4]

By Chach 1175, coalition forces had recaptured some of Emul's territory. The fighting came to a standstill; the coalition army was well-supplied but did not push into the basin since they were still wary of Ishar's army in Marat. The coalition turned to Dieno enne Calah to lead their military strategy. The Mink decided to mount an offensive in Emul, reasoning that the singer army would try to make a stand at this location, but the coalition would still be able to defeat them. This would improve morale and allow the coalition to stabilize Makabak, and was more sensible than an assault on the enemy stronghold in Alethkar.[5]

The Emuli conflict culminated in a series of large battles on the plains of the basin. The singer forces numbered around forty thousand including Fused and Regals, while Dalinar supplemented the Azish forces in the area with reserves from Urithiru and various Knights Radiant.[6][2] Jasnah decided to personally participate in the battle to better understand the nature of war. This was the first battle in which she participated as a soldier. The fighting was intense, with thousands of casualties on both sides.[2] The coalition forces were ultimately victorious and took control of Emul,[7] although the Mink and Dalinar recognized that Odium had not thrown all of his resources at retaining it.[8] Dalinar then used the basin as the starting point of his journey to visit Ishar's camp.[9]

Hoid was in the basin when he realized that a Sleepless aligned with the Ghostbloods had been spying on him.[2]


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