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Drunmu Basin

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Drunmu Basin
Occupied by The Coalition of monarchs
Nation Emul
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Drunmu Basin is a region in Emul on Roshar.[1]


It is a vast basin full of Rosharan grass and Pilevines.[1]


In the year 1175, the army of Coalition of Monarchs engaged with the army of Singers. The decision to engage the Singer army was suggested by Mink. He reasoned that the Singer army would be confident in making a stand at this location, but the Coalition would still be able to defeat them. Jasnah Kholin decided to participate in this battle to better understand the nature of war. This was her first battle in which she participated as a soldier. In the end, Mink proved to be right and the Coalition army won the battle.[1]

Hoid realized that the Ghostbloods were able to spy on him at this location.[1]


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