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Titles Captain in Yeddaw Guard[1]
Residence Yeddaw
Nationality Azish
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Hauka is an Azish guard captain on Roshar. She lives in the Tashikki city of Yeddaw and oversees immigration into the city. She interacts with Lift and Nale when they come to Yeddaw.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She wears a typical Azish guard uniform, including boots, trousers, a cap, and a breastplate.[1][3] She also wears a cape with her family and study patterns on them.[1]

Hauka is dedicated and pragmatic, and shares the common Azish trait of appreciating bureaucracy. She keeps fastidious records in her guard logbook[4] and always completes necessary paperwork, although she does not necessarily enjoy explaining unusual events.[1] She does not show weakness in front of her subordinates.[2] She likes to read at night and is willing to trade information for infused spheres.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Hauka has certified credentials of achievement that make her eligible to be an officer in any guard unit in greater Makabaki, although she is not approved to be a battlefield commander. She carries a spear and a club, but only uses them as a last resort. She is observant, and is able to detect deception by merchants entering the city. She is agile enough to briefly catch Lift.[1]


Hauka was stationed at a small guard post at the entrance to Yeddaw, one of the few buildings built above the trenches that make up the city. Her post is near the city's immigrant quarter.[1] She oversaw at least two guards, including Rez, and often worked with a scribe named Nissiqqan.[1] She left her post at exactly ten o'clock every day when she was relieved by the night watch captain, and she visited the Grand Indicium weekly for debriefing sessions.[4] Her home was close to her guard post, in a relatively affordable apartment complex just outside of the immigrant quarter.[2]

Discovering Lift and Meeting Nale[edit]

In Jes 1174, Hauka and Nissiqqan deduced that a tallew merchant entering the city had likely stolen the grain from abandoned fields in war-torn Emul. As she inspected the goods, she discovered Lift hiding in the grain. Hauka attempted to apprehend her, but after a brief altercation, Lift ultimately dumped the grain into the city and escaped using her Edgedancer abilities.[1] The merchant filed suit against the city guard claiming neglect of duty, although his case was weak.[2]

Could you tell me what’s going on here? I feel lost, like a soldier on a battlefield who can’t remember which banner is hers.

—Hauka to Nale, after her initial encounter with Lift[5]

Lift later revealed to Wyndle that she had intentionally displayed her powers because she knew an Azish guard such as Hauka would write a report about it. This would draw Nale's attention, and Lift could then observe him. Lift's plan worked, and she watched Nale visit Hauka at home to question her regarding the encounter. Hauka admitted that she had seen Lift glowing and becoming unusually slippery. Hauka felt very confused by what had happened, but Nale declined to share any information with her. He ordered her to keep an eye out for Lift.[2]

Working with Lift[edit]

Hauka issued a citywide watch for Lift, and Ghenna contacted the guard when Lift tried to enter the Grand Indicium. Hauka happened to be nearby for her weekly debriefing session, and once again attempted to apprehend Lift, cornering her. However, a nearby spanreed received a message from Azimir confirming Lift's claims that she was operating under the authority of Prime Aqasix Yanagawn.[6]

Hauka then began helping Lift search for a Surgebinder by reviewing records of any recent unexplained events in the city. Hauka gave Lift some information regarding unusual activity that the city guard had observed at Tashi's Light Orphanage, and told her that Arshqqam would soon be arrested on money-laundering charges. Their research was cut short when the Everstorm approached the city and the prince gave an edict to seek shelter, overruling Yanagawn's orders.[7]

Lift recalled Hauka's words about feeling lost after talking to Arclo and questioning her purpose.[5] She felt she owed Hauka a debt for using her in her plot to draw out Nale. When Lift left the city, she saw Hauka dealing with a large number of refugees who had lost homes to the Everstorm. Lift tossed her a smashed pancake from her pocket as payment for her debt. A stunned Hauka then watched Lift briefly use her healing powers on the refugees.[3]


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