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Titles Ch.V.D. Yanagawn the First, Emperor of Makabak, King of Azir, Lord of the Bronze Palace, Prime Aqasix, grand minister and emissary of Yaezir[1]
Groups Huqin's crew (former)
Nationality Azish
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Yanagawn the First, formerly Gawx, is the Prime Aqasix, king of Azir, and emperor of Makabak.

He met and befriended Lift while working for his uncle, Huqin, as a thief.[2]

After being caught trespassing in the Bronze Palace, he was mortally wounded by one of Nale's attendants without first procuring the requisite documents to perform an execution. Lift revived him using Regrowth, and he was immediately pronounced Prime Aqasix by the attending viziers, who believed he had performed a miracle. After this he promptly pardoned Lift in order to stop Nale from executing her.[3]

Later on Dalinar spoke with him via spanreed. He listened to what Dalinar had to say about the Everstorm but refused to act on it, having heard the rumours of Dalinar's madness and instead believing his warnings to be simple ravings.[4]


Preceded by
Prime Aqasix Yanagawn the First
Leader of Azir
Succeeded by
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