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Lasting Integrity

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Lasting Integrity
World Shadesmar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Lasting Integrity is the honorspren capital in Shadesmar, the subastral of Roshar.[1]


The exact location of the city is unknown, but it lies southwest of Celebrant.[1] When Sylphrena was nearing Celebrant, she described Lasting Integrity as being "far to the west".[2] A ship traveling from Celebrant to Lasting Integrity would pass near Unyielding Fidelity and a landmass that corresponds to Longbrow's Straits.[1][3]


Syl grew up in Lasting Integrity; she called it a "grand city", although she disliked living there. After the Stormfather found her asleep in the Physical Realm, he returned her to the city and forbade her from leaving. She eventually sneaked away to transition her mind back to the Physical Realm and bond Kaladin.[2] After her disappearance, the honorspren placed a large Stormlight reward on Syl, payable to whomever delivered her home to Lasting Integrity.[1] Syl recalls being disciplined by a leader of the honorspren named Phendorana, who was likely involved in the efforts to keep Syl in the city.[4]

At some point in the early 1170s, Nightblood passed through an honorspren fortress, presumably in Lasting Integrity; Zahel was also known to the honorspren.[5][3] After being captured aboard the honorspren ship Honor's Path, Azure made a deal with Borea to trade knowledge about her unusual sword for information on Nightblood and free passage once the ship docked at Lasting Integrity.[5] However, the ship was spotted by Fused, causing Kaladin and the rest of Azure's team to abandon ship.[5] Azure stayed on board, but it is not known if the Honor's Path subsequently reached Lasting Integrity.


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