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Lasting Integrity

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Lasting Integrity
World Shadesmar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Lasting Integrity is the honorspren capital in Shadesmar.[1] It is southwest of Celebrant, similar to Unyielding Fidelity.[1]

Syl grew up in Lasting Integrity, though disliked living there. After the Stormfather found her, asleep in the Physical Realm, he returned her to the city and forbid her from leaving. She eventually snuck away to transition her mind back to the Physical Realm and bond Kaladin.[2]

There was a large Stormlight reward if someone delivered Sylphrena to Lasting Integrity.[1]

Azure made a deal with the honorspren on the vessel Honor's Path that she would be freed once the ship reached Lasting Integrity.[3]


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