Tashi's Light Orphanage

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Tashi's Light Orphanage
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Tashi's Light Orphanage is an orange building on the corner of a street and an alleyway in Yeddaw. The orphanage is run by a woman known as the Stump.[1]

Lift's experience[edit]

Lift goes to this orphanage to get some food, because she was running out of food to fuel her Surgebinding. Also, she was very hungry. She goes inside, and sees a boy who has some sort of mental disability get left there. She muses on the discrepancy between what people think of orphanages as and what they really are. She gets some food, an meets a man who asks her what part of the body she would be if the city were a person.

Suspected money laundering[edit]

Because Stump is secretly a Knight Radiant and needs Stormlight to fuel her powers, her spheres frequently go dun. As a result, she often trades them out for infused spheres of slightly lesser value, which leads to her being suspected of money laundering.[2][3]


It is known by the urchins of Yeddaw as a place run by a grumpy and mean woman, but also a place to get some food.


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