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Type Grain
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Tallew is a type of grain native to Roshar.[1]


Tallew is a relatively labor-intensive crop to grow, as it cannot survive flooding from highstorms.[2] This makes it profitable to sell,[2] which led Turinad Sebarial to set up tallew fields near the warcamps on the Shattered Plains.[3] The Akanny region of the Sadeas princedom in Alethkar has rolling hills that are ideal for growing lavis and tallew, and it produces a large amount of both grains.[4]

Once harvested, tallew can be stored for months to provide sustenance during the winter.[5] It can be transported in bags and used as rations on long journeys.[6][7] Tallew's long shelf life allowed the Kholinar Wall Guard to eat it during the Siege of Kholinar.[8]

Culinary Uses[edit]

Tallew is similar to rice[1] and it can be prepared in several ways, including steaming and boiling.[9][7] It is a simple meal often eaten by soldiers, slaves, and ardents.[6][7][10]

The grain often has other ingredients such as spices added to it.[9] Lighteyes sometimes eat boiled tallew mixed with a spicy gravy spread on slices of stagm.[11] Fruited tallew rice with flatbread is a common meal for children in Alethkar.[1] Tallew is often used as an ingredient in stew.[8] Tvlakv served his slaves unspiced, overcooked tallew with a mushy texture and Kaladin found it revolting,[7] later experiencing flashbacks to how bad it tasted.[12]

Tallew can be used to make flatbread.[5] It can also be fermented to make brandy[13] or Veden saph.[14]


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