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Otto Didact is a new Keeper at the Coppermind and all-around nice guy! He currently lives in West Jordan, UT and is particularly fond of the Mistborn series. He is an ameteur writer and comic artist who loves blending genres. He is currently a full-time mapmaker.


Add maps to all location pages[edit]


Bodies of Water

  • Deathbend River
  • Windrunner River

Mountain Ranges

Alethi Princedoms + Shattered Plains + Bavland

Individual Reshi Islands


Cognitive Realm

Complete All Non-cosmere Short Fiction[edit]


Heuristic Algorithm and Reasoning Response Engine

I Hate Dragons

White Sand[edit]

  • Create redlink pages
  • Lossandin Professions
  • Vol 2 updates needed?
  • Images from GN for infobox, etc.
  • Transcribe Vol 2?