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Isaac Stewart is an independent author and artist. He is in Brandon Sanderson's writing group. Among his works are collaborations with Sanderson.

Isaac has designed and drawn the interior art of The Way of Kings, which includes the Alethi Women's script, the various maps, Shallan's and Navani's notebook pages, and other extra artwork. Isaac has also designed and drew the interior art of the Mistborn series, which includes the various versions of the Steel alphabet, the maps, and the Allomantic table.

Outside his work on Brandon's books, he is writing a book, doing cartography, and designing book covers.

Isaac and Shawn Boyles collaborated on the webcomic Rocket Road Trip.

He and his wife Kara recently joined Dragonsteel Entertainment. He was hired to be an in-house artist prior to the publication of Words of Radiance.[1]

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