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Chanarach Endsheet.png
Abilities Cognitive Shadow, Shardbearer (formerly)
Titles Herald of the Almighty, Patron of the Dustbringers, Herald of the Common Man[1]
Aliases Chana, Chanaranach, Chan-a-rach[2]
Homeworld Ashyn
Universe Cosmere

Chana help the man or woman who stood between Navani and one of her own.

Chanarach, known as Chanaranach'Elin in Vorinism and nicknamed Chana, is one of the ten Heralds of the Almighty on Roshar, and the patron of the Order of Dustbringers.[4][5] Her current status and whereabouts are unknown, though at least one person has — knowingly or not — met her in recent times.[6]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Chana was born on Ashyn, and left it for Roshar when the planet was razed by human Surgebinding, making her likely of similar age to the other Heralds.[7][8][9] Vorin artwork tends to present her as a young woman.[10] Vorin depictions also show her wearing blue armor and holding a straight sword with a bifurcated blade. Chana's safehand is not covered in these depictions, while other female Heralds do have their safehand covered.[11][12][13][14]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As a Herald, Chanaranach is immortal and capable of returning from death, though at the cost of a Desolation.[15] She was a capable fighter, and wielded an Honorblade that made her a Surgebinder, granting her the use of the Surges of Division and Abrasion.[16] She has discarded her Blade, however, leaving her without Surgebinding.[17]

Perhaps due to her power over Abrasion, Chanaranch is known for being incredibly fast, as Fleet beating her in a foot race is considered a noteworthy achievement.[2]


She would have lived in Shinovar for a period, before humanity began to expand outward, inciting a war between the humans and the singers.[15]

When humans and singers went to war, she and nine other people were made Heralds by Honor, forming the Oathpact. Following every Desolation, she would travel to Braize and be tortured there until either she or one of the other Heralds broke, sending them back to Roshar and starting a new Desolation. This cycle went on for thousands of years, gradually wearing on her sanity, along with that of all the other Heralds.[15]

At Aharietiam, the Last Desolation, Chanarach, like the rest, abandoned the Oathpact, leaving her Honorblade at the location of the final battle and departing for parts unknown.[17] What happened to her afterwards is unknown, though she has been seen alive.[6]


In Vorinism, Chanarach is known under the symmetrical name Chanaranach, though the diminutive Chana is also used.[4][2] Chan-a-rach is a far rarer spelling, only seen used in a song.[2] She is associated with the number 3 (chach), the Essence Spark, and the divine attributes of Brave and Obedient. Her body focus is the soul.[16] Phrases such as "Chana knows..." and "Chana help (somebody)" are common, and typically related to threat or protectiveness.[2][3] The name Chanada is likely derived from Chana.[18] And the name Chanasha definitely is.[1]

As with the other Heralds, there is a temple to her in every modern city.[19][20] This tradition appears to go back to the Desolations, as there was once a temple of Chanaranach in Stormseat.[4]

She is thought of as the Herald of the Common Man.[1] and is believed to be "fine and reputable".[1]



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