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Abilities Worldhopper
Aliases The haunted man[1][2]
World Threnody
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn, The Stormlight Archive
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Nazrilof, who goes by the nickname Nazh,[3] is a mysterious worldhopper from Threnody[4] who gathers documents and creates sketches from different Shardworlds on behalf of Khriss.[5] He is also the man from the New Ascendancy broadsheet whose gun appears to shoot shades.[6][2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Nazh is a capable artist. He can read and draw Rosharan glyphs and has at least basic knowledge of the geography of Elendel.[7][8] Kaladin briefly glimpses him being ushered out of the Bridge Four barracks by Rock and describes him as "lanky."[9] Nazh also seems to have some other powers as he rescued one of Shallan's sketches from the bottom of the ocean.[10] Nazh possesses a gun that appears to be capable of firing shades as projectiles, causing anything it hits to wither and crumble away.[1][2]



Nazh is a native Threnodite. It's unclear when he left the planet; however, the way he refers to the Shades as highly respectable implies it was before Evil came to the Homeland.[11]


Nazh was at some point on Sel, "abandoned," presumably, by Khriss. He found and annotated a map of Sycla/Opelon.[12]


My friend, annotated with locations as per your instructions.


Nazh traveled to Scadrial sometime after the year 341 PC and obtained a map of Elendel made by the Canton of Cartography, which he then annotated with certain locations of the city and signed with a message, with the intention of delivering it to their friend.[8]

His name and annotations can also be found on the new maps released in the trade paperback edition of the Mistborn trilogy.

Khriss and Nazh met with Kelsier in the middle of Lake Luthadel's impression in the Cognitive Realm. They introduced him to the basics of the cosmere. Nazh gave Kelsier his knife and directed him to the Ire, a group of Elantrian worldhoppers in the west.[11]

He mentioned in an advertisement in The New Ascendancy broadsheet suggesting that people hearing talking tools should report it to K and N (which is thought to reference Khriss and Nazh).[6] This could refer to sentient Awakened objects, like Nightblood.

Nazh later attempts to retrieve a map of New Seran from Nicelle Sauvage, but was only able to obtain half of it.[1][2]


I had to spend hours watching the bridgemen to sketch their stupid forehead glyphs so you could have them, my friend.


On Roshar in late 1173, he observed the freed bridgemen from Bridge Four to sketch the glyphs they had had tattooed on their forehead to indicate their freedom, as well as the insignia on their uniforms and the sas nahn and shash glyphs their captain, Kaladin, had, for presumably the same person as the Elendel map.[7]

He also drew a map of the Shattered Plains, showing the pattern of plateaus, though he refused to draw the individual plateaus as (presumably) Khriss requested. His use of the term "shadows" in the note for this map is a hint to his origins on Threnody.[citation needed]

Nazh gained access to Navani's journal and reproduced a copy of a ketek that is shown on the cover.[13]

He obtained a map of the Sea of Lost Lights in Shadesmar[14] and wrote about Alethi glyphs.[15]


  • Both pieces of canonical artwork that include Nazh were illustrated by Isaac Stewart, who also gave Nazh his name.[16]
  • Isaac accidentally invented the name by mispronouncing "Nalizar"; the name became an inside joke and seemed fitting for a cosmere-aware character.[17]
  • Peter Ahlstrom has confirmed that "Nazrilof" is his surname and that his given name has not been revealed.[18][19]
  • Peter also confirmed that Nazh is not the person writing the Ars Arcana[20] (it is in fact his employer) or the tattooist who gave the bridgemen their tattoos.[21]
  • His favorite food is a fried eggplant-like plant native to Threnody.[22]
  • The tattoo he got after getting drunk on Horneater lager was "an embarrassing Rosharan glyph".[23]


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