Nicelle Sauvage

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Nicelle Sauvage
Ghastly Gondola.jpg
Parents Stefan Sauvage
Abilities Leecher[1]
Aliases Nicki Savage[2]
Skills Baz-Kor martial arts
Residence New Seran
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Nicelle Sauvage is a Scadrian noblewoman, Leecher, and detective.


Nicelle Sauvage claims she trained with Baz-Kor monks, who taught her how to fight and get close enough to use her chromium on targets. She also supposedly studied ballet, which enhanced her balance.[1] It is unknown whether any of these claims are true.

She reported briefly glimpsing a figure in a mountain range in the Roughs, describing it as having "piercing eyes, and a face like some otherwordly beast."[3]

She later reports how she retrieved half of a map of New Seran from Nazh that contained a letter from her father.[1][2] In the same excerpt, she also sees a white-haired storyteller who may be Hoid.

Her adventures are published in the The House Record and The New Ascendancy.[3][1] She learns the art of storytelling from Jak.[2] Like Jak, she embellishes her stories.



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