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Nohadon's Stairways

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Nohadon's Stairways
Sea of Souls.jpg
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Nohadon's Stairways is the equivalent of Urithiru on the Cognitive Realm. It is located in the southern portion of the Sea of Souls.[1]


There are ten elevated pillars, corresponding to the ten Oathgates. Each pillar has a long spiraling ramp, leading to the sea of beads below, and the Oathgate's gatekeepers are on the top of the pillars. The Tower itself is reflected as mountains of light and colors, very bright, but not casting shadows. It is not exactly the shape of the Tower. It has a mother-of-pearl color, the same color as the sky in Shadesmar during a highstorm. The pillars and the tower are elevated because in the Physical Realm they are in a high altitude, in the mountains. The place is swarming with emotion spren, attracted by the humans in Urithiru.[2]


The gatekeepers of the pillars used to refuse to transport people into Shadesmar, at an order of the Sibling. However, some of the gatekeepers, including the ones from the Oathgate to Narak,[3] believing the Sibling dead, agreed to obey the Stormfather instead, letting people into Shadesmar again. Shallan and Adolin's expedition to Lasting Integrity used the Oathgate to Narak to transport from the Physical to the Cognitive Realm.[2]


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