The Night Brigade

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The Night Brigade
Setting Threnody

The Night Brigade is a tentative title for a cosmere novel set on Threnody.[1][2] The novel is considered one that Brandon will "maybe" write someday, although he does consider it integral to the overall cosmere sequence.[3] The novel is planned to take place in the Homeland.[4]

Plot Summary[edit]

An expedition tries to go back to the Homeland and free it from the Evil but things don't go well for them--the book starts with their ships sinking and the people washing up on shore.[1]

The Deepest Ones will be "involved a great deal."[5]


The story will follow the Admiral, though while she will be the protagonist, she will not necessarily be the hero.[6] It will also feature a number of new characters, and is unlikely to include Silence Montane, except possibly as a minor cameo.[7] The eponymous Night Brigade, introduced in The Sunlit Man, is expected to feature.


The story takes place on Threnody, likely on the Homeland, the former home of the Forescouts that was lost to the Evil.[4] It will be the closest Brandon has ever gotten to writing in the grimdark genre.[8]


The Night Brigade has been a part of Brandon's original plan for the cosmere saga for many years, since before he was a published author. The original idea for the story involved a group of refugees arriving in the Forests of Hell after having fled the Homeland, now destroyed by the Evil.[9] Recent years have seen Brandon grow more confident in his idea to flip the story on its head and instead focus on people attempting to take back the Homeland.[10] He has not yet fully completed an outline for the book.[11]


  • One of the reasons Brandon wants to write this book is because there is "a group" that will be important later in the cosmere saga, and he needs to write a book about them so that readers know who they are.[12]
  • When Brandon first dropped the potential name of the novel in 2016 he called it "Dusk Brigade", but it was misheard as "Dust Brigade".[1] The name "Dust Brigade" was then used in the fandom for years. It wasn't until 2022 when Brandon talked about changing the in-universe group's name to "Night Brigade" (due to the similarity with the character named Sixth of the Dusk) that the communication error was caught.[2]


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