Sea of Souls

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Sea of Souls
Sea of Souls.jpg
World Shadesmar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Sea of Souls is a large sea on Roshar's subastral of the Cognitive Realm.[1] The origin of its name is unknown. It contains the honorspren capital of Lasting Integrity.[2]


In the Cognitive Realm, the Sea of Souls is bordered by the Sea of Regret, the Sea of Lost Lights, and the Nexus of Imagination. In the Physical Realm, this sea corresponds to the central part of the continent of Roshar, including the city of Urithiru, as well as the Valley. It covers the nations of Tu Bayla, Yulay, Triax, Tu Fallia, Greater Hexi, Marat, as well as at least the Makabaki territory of Azir, Emul, Tukar, and Tashikk.[3][2]

At the Sea of Souls' southern shore, you can walk on a road towards the Expanse of Vibrance.[2]

Topographical Features
Name Type of Landform Relative Physical Realm Location[2][3][4]
Basin of the Veiled Sun Sea Northern Azir and Emul
Empyrean Gulf Sea Emul
The Astral Banks Sea Tukar
The Radiant Depths Sea Marat and Greater Hexi
Nohadon's Stairways Pillar Urithiru
Reliqq's Channel Waterway Tukar

Notable Locations[edit]

True spren live in a number of settlements on peninsulas in the Sea of Souls and at its southern edge:[2]


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