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Calligraphers Guild
Calligraphers Guild.svg
Type Guild
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Calligraphers Guild is an organization on Roshar responsible for creating glyphs.[1]

The Guild maintains a list of official, canonical glyphs. Whenever a new glyph is required, they create it based on a number of rules that have arisen over time, although there is a lot of stylization permitted. Occasionally, they may also canonize a glyph created by an amateur, if it becomes popular enough.[1] Over time, the Guild modifies some glyphs to make them seem more modern and match the contemporary styles.[2]

The calligraphers can be rather secretive, but there aren't many mysteries to them. Their darkest secret is that glyphs can sometimes be read phonetically, although with older glyphs, the changes brought about by time can make the individual phonemes unreadable.[3] The guild members, as well as scholars interested in how glyphs morph over time, are still able to recognize the phonemes making up even a heavily-altered glyph.[1]

The Guild occasionally marks some scrolls with its symbol.[4][5] What this means is uncertain; perhaps it indicates that the stamped scroll is a property of the Guild, or that it's confirmed to be using only canonical glyphs.


  • The Guild's glyph is composed of phonemes from "Isaac", as in Isaac Stewart, the artist who, among others, created all the glyphs featured in the books. This isn't how it's read, though.[5]


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