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Residence Shadesmar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Smolderbrand is an individual that lives in Shadesmar, the subastral of the Cognitive Realm on Roshar.[1]

Smolderbrand is female,[1] but nothing else is known about her. It is very likely that she is a spren like most residents of Shadesmar, but this is not confirmed.

It is presumed that she lives near her namesake Smolderbrand Channel in the Sea of Oracles, a subsection of the southern Sea of Lost Lights.[1] The channel's location corresponds to a tributary of the Deathbend River in the Eastern Crownlands of Alethkar in the Physical Realm.[2]

At some point near the advent of the True Desolation, Nazh encountered Smolderbrand and stole a map of the Sea of Lost Lights.[1]


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