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Residence Shadesmar
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Smolderbrand is an individual that lives in Shadesmar, the subastral of the Cognitive Realm on Roshar.[1]

Smolderbrand is female,[1] but nothing else is known about her. Because she resides in Shadesmar, she may be a spren, but various worldhoppers (such as Riino and Sixteen) have also been observed living in Roshar's Cognitive Realm.

It is presumed that she lives near her namesake Smolderbrand Channel in the Sea of Oracles, a subsection of the southern Sea of Lost Lights.[1] The channel's location corresponds to a tributary of the Deathbend River in the Eastern Crownlands of Alethkar in the Physical Realm.[2]

At some point near the advent of the True Desolation, Nazh encountered Smolderbrand and stole a map of the Sea of Lost Lights.[1]


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