Pits of Hathsin

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Pits of Hathsin
Related to Ruin
Use Produce atium
Region Central Dominance
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn trilogy

The Pits of Hathsin are a system of caves near Luthadel on Scadrial at the time of the Final Empire in which atium crystals grow.

The Pits also a skaa labor camp the Lord Ruler set up to mine atium crystals. It serves the dual purpose of punishing skaa criminals and concealing the location of the atium mines, as the prisoners cannot leave. During the events of the Final Empire, the Pits of Hathsin are the only known place where atium can be mined. Allomancy cannot be used to retrieve the crystals, because an Ironpull would cause them to shatter. As a result, imprisoned skaa are required to mine the rare metal by hand. All skaa in the Pits have small scratches along their arms from the jagged crystals. The Pits are overseen by House Venture. Each skaa has to find an atium geode every week; if they fail, they are savagely beaten to death.[1]


Kelsier is the only known person to survive imprisonment in the Pits. This feat gains him the title, "The Survivor of Hathsin". He is forced into labor there along with his wife Mare as punishment for attempting to infiltrate and rob the Lord Ruler's palace, Kredik Shaw. After Mare dies in the Pits, Kelsier Snaps and escapes using his newfound abilities as a mistborn.[2]

Several days before the fall of the Final Empire, Kelsier returns to the Pits. There, he sets free the enslaved skaa prisoners and proceeds to destroy the majority of Hathsin's atium-producing crystals using allomancy. Afterwards, he remarks that his actions will likely end atium production in the Final Empire for the next three hundred years, as the crystals will need time to regrow before any more atium can be mined.[3][4]

After the Collapse of the Final Empire and the end of the atium mining, the Pits in the Central Dominance become the new home of the Terris people, as the remaining infrastructure from the old mining camp have buildings, shelters, and most importantly, fresh water along with farm crops of resilient hardy plants adapted to ash that need little water. Once settled, the Terris people improve the valley, building more structures, brushing ash from the plant foliage to provide grazing for the adapted short-legged sheep that roamed the hills, and returning to their heritage of herding, before the Lord Ruler's Ascension. The Terris people's lives become easier than most on Scadrial, living in pastoral villages that replace the once brutal prison camps.

The Pits are also the location of a Shardpool that is the liquid form of Ruin, as the Well of Ascension is to Preservation.[5]

After the events of the Final Ascension, atium is no longer formed within the crystals of the Pits; the atium may or may not regrow in the future.[6] However, it is possible that - since the Pits of Hathsin were preserved - Harmony is doing something to reduce Ruin's power to balance out the extra power that Preservation invested in humankind.[7] It is possible that the crystals are now in the Pits of Eltania.


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