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Relatives Rashek[1]
Died c 0 FE
Abilities Feruchemist
Groups Worldbringers
Nationality Terris
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Kwaan was a Worldbringer of Terris prior to the Final Empire on Scadrial.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Like other Worldbringers, Kwaan was a full Feruchemist. Although he used his abilities mainly to aid him in his studies, he had an eidetic memory and so didn't need to use a coppermind.


He was the first among them to proclaim Alendi as the Hero of Ages, a figure foretold in Terris prophecy. However, his eidetic memory allowed him to remember the prophecy without resorting to his copperminds, which could be manipulated by Ruin. He began to notice discrepancies between the two versions caused by the meddling hand of Ruin. He realized that releasing the power at the Well of Ascension would allow Ruin to be free once more so he sent his nephew Rashek to prevent this from occurring.

He left a metal inscription in the Conventical of Seran describing his discoveries which were later found and copied by Sazed.[2]

Along with the rest of Scadrial’s feruchemists, Kwaan was offered immortality by becoming one of the First Generation of kandra by Rashek during his Ascension in exchange for their feruchemy. Kwaan was the only Feruchemist who refused the offer, believing it to be a betrayal of who they were as a people. Rashek attempted to destroy him in anger, but was unable to do so due to wielding Preservation's power. Kwaan remained human, fleeing and going into hiding. Rashek eventually hunted him down and executed him.[3]


Kwaan was a Realmatic scholar. Alendi notes in his logbook that the Worldbringer was trying to figure out whether trees had a Cognitive aspect when they first met, at the great Khlenni library.[4][5]


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