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Ethnicity Khlenni
Ruled by Alendi
Era Classical Scadrial
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Khlennium, that great city of wonder.

Khlennium was both a city and a kingdom of importance during the classical era on Scadrial. It was a cosmopolitan hub, and eventually came to be ruled by Alendi.[1] Its fate after the Ascension of Rashek was unclear. However, he appropriated elements of Khlenni culture — such as their architecture, fashion and inventions like pocket watches — in building the Final Empire.[2]


During the classical era on Scadrial, Khlennium's location was relatively central — between the isles in the South and the Terris hills in the North,[3] and between the great nations to the east and the fiery empire of the West.[1] The lands of Khlennium are mostly flat without mountains, and look dreary.[4]

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As no further record of Khlennium's existence is given during the Final Empire, it is possible that the kingdom lay in what became an uninhabitable area after the Ascension of Rashek since lands too far south of Scadrial's north pole became too hot to live.[note 1]


Khlennium was once a city and kingdom of great importance. It eventually came to be ruled by Alendi,[1] possibly by marrying the previous king's daughter[7] as he was presumed to be the Hero of Ages.[8] During a decade under his leadership,[9] Khlennium united with several nations (including Terris)[10] through both diplomacy[11] and conquest,[12] creating a general force of unity[11] to combat the growing threat of the Deepness.[13]

In an attempt to save Khlennium from the Deepness, Alendi departed on an expedition to the Well of Ascension in Terris.[14] However, he was killed by Rashek before reaching it, who then took the Well's power for himself and subsequently changed the planet.[15]

After his Ascension, Rashek, impersonating Alendi, assumed the throne of Khlennium.[16] It is unclear what happened to the kingdom afterwards.[17][18]


The city of Khlennium was regarded as one of “wonder”.[1] It was a cultural hub, with people of many nations,[2] including Terris Worldbringers (such as Kwaan).[19]

It had marvelous architecture — magnificent cathedrals, stained glass windows, broad halls.[20] Their architectural and civil engineering prowess allowed them to build grand structures and cities,[21] and among its monuments was the great Khlenni library.[19] They also had technological innovations, such as pocket watches,[22] as well as their own language — their word for the Hero of Ages was Rabzeen.[23]

The Khlenni were viewed as oppressors by the Terris.[24] However, many young Terrismen adopted Khlenni fashion, rather than their furs, while in the cities.[25] Men wore tailored gentlemen’s suits;[25] ladies wore gowns.[2].

The Khlenni government included a council, of which Helenntion was one of its last survivors.[26]

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