Hero of Ages

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Hero of Ages
Related to Terris
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

The Hero of Ages was a prophesied savior who would supposedly take the power of the Well of Ascension and use it to save the world. The Hero of Ages was also called Rabzeen and the Anamnesor.[1] Kwaan originally thought that The Hero of Ages was Alendi from Khlennium. He later realized that Ruin had been tampering with the prophecies and that he was wrong about Alendi being the Hero. He sent his nephew Rashek to stop Alendi from reaching the Well of Ascension and if necessary to kill him.[2]

After the Collapse of the Final Empire it was thought that Vin was the Hero. This assumption later turned out to be incorrect, as it was actually Sazed.


Some of the prophecies referring to the Hero of Ages can be found in the books and are listed below:

The Hero of Ages shall be not a man, but a force. No nation may claim him, no woman shall keep him, and no king may slay him. He shall belong to none, not even himself.
He shall defend their ways, yet shall violate them. He will be their savior, yet they shall call him heretic. His name shall be Discord, yet they shall love him for it.
That which has been sundered must again begin to find its whole
The Hero will have the power to save the world. But he will also have the power to destroy it.
The Hero will bear the future of the world on his arms.


The original prophecy referred to Sazed who assumed the role when he took the powers of both Ruin and Preservation which became known as the shard of Harmony.[6]


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