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Related to Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn

The nobles were a race of humans on Scadrial.[1]

The nobles were effectively created by the Lord Ruler when he forcibly divided the people of the world. The nobles were descendants of the people who supported the Lord Ruler on his rise to power. When Rashek took up the power at the Well of Ascension, he used it to alter mankind as a whole to be more capable of dealing with ash, but he also made physiological changes between the different groups of people; noblemen and skaa. The nobles were made taller, stronger, less fertile, and more intelligent. These physical differences were small, and have mostly been erased by noble and skaa interbreeding over the thousand years of the Final Empire's history. All Allomancers had a noble ancestor somewhere along their heritage. This is because when the Lord Ruler came to power, he gave his initial supporters beads of lerasium which imparted to them the powers of a Mistborn.


The life of the nobles was rife with secrecy and plotting. Almost all nobles were driven by gaining money, power, or social prestige.

All nobles were divided among different Houses. Each house had its own agenda and worked towards its own betterment. Each house individually had its own political enemies and allies. Generally, leadership of a house was inherited.

Each house had different levels of power, a social hierarchy. They used Obligators as a means to prove they are trustworthy, for even unimportant matters, such as a meeting with friends.


The inner-city nobility, particularly those in Luthadel, hold a nightly circuit of balls in their Keeps. Vin attended a number of balls under the guise of Valette Renoux in order to spy on the nobility and spread some rumour and intrigue.[2]

Her first ball is at Keep Venture, where she meets Elend Venture.[3] She also spots her father, Lord Prelan Tevidian Tekiel.[4]

About a month later, Keep Elariel held a ball at which Valette danced for the first time.[5]


Many (but not all) nobles were Allomancers to some degree. Very few, however, are actual Mistborn. This was due to the thinning of Preservation's power through the generations of nobles.


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