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Keep Orielle
City Fadrex City
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Keep Orielle is a keep in Fadrex City on Scadrial during the Final Empire.

The keep is not as imposing as Keep Venture but it is still impressive. The keep's main hall, which also serves as the ballroom, is constructed from white marble with intricate stonework and rows of ornamental marble pillars. It also includes floor-to-ceiling stained-glass panels of "masterpiece" quality that are used to partition and decorate the room. The hall holds hundreds of people, but the relatively low ceilings give the room an intimate feel.[1]

Keep Orielle was the setting of a lavish ball on the first night of the siege of Fadrex City.[1][2] Vin learned of the ball from Slowswift.[3] She and Elend attended the ball, arriving at the doors by Allomantic flight. It was the first time that Elend openly revealed himself to be a Mistborn, and he and Vin used the ball as an opportunity to show their strength to the assembled nobles, including Aradan Yomen and Lady Patresen.[1]


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