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Relatives Aledin, Troalin
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Slowswift is a noble storyteller from Fadrex City on Scadrial. He is a friend of Ashweather Cett and assists Vin on several occasions.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is elderly, and has white hair and bushy eyebrows.[1] He wears a nobleman's suit, and adds a scarf and overcoat when outdoors.[1][2] He is always seen smoking a pipe.[1][2] He is very calm, measured, and observant; Vin finds him inscrutable.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

When talking with Vin, Slowswift mentions legends about spren and shades,[1][3] indicating he may have at least some cosmere awareness.


Slowswift was once a good friend of Ashweather Cett's, and the two of them shared their writings with each other for a decade before Cett became increasingly involved in politics.[1] Slowswift preferred "longtales" about magical creatures to Cett's gritty, realistic poetry.[1] He remained in touch with Cett, although he believed that power had made him "brutal" because he tried too hard.[1]

He was included in a list of potential informants that Cett provided to Elend and Vin when they hoped to get a better understanding of the current political and social climate in the Western Dominance.[4] Vin approached Slowswift at his mansion in Fadrex City and confirmed that he was not an Allomancer.[1] He was knowledgeable about current events in Scadrial and told Vin that he had a "wealth of information". Vin asked about Aradan Yomen; Slowswift surprised her by claiming that Yomen was a good man, which he genuinely believed to be the case.[5] They discussed the plight of the skaa and Vin's confusion about their seeming desire to return to oppression; Slowswift pointed out that Yomen was doing what needed to be done in order to maintain stability, including throwing a ball that night at Keep Orielle.[1] When Vin asked about Yomen's weaknesses, Slowswift was not cooperative, but eventually relented after Vin gave an impassioned speech on the need for change.[6] Slowswift may have also been influenced by Vin's status as the potential Hero of Ages.[1] He told Vin that Yomen was only a mediocre leader, and that his unfailing belief in the Lord Ruler sometimes limited his effectiveness. He also implied that Yomen's unusual wealth could stem from an atium cache.[1] Despite his respect for Vin, he still demanded payment for his help.[1]

Vin ended up attending the ball at the Canton of Resource's building, and Slowswift was also present. Vin was being closely watched by Yomen's spies, but managed to ask Slowswift for his help.[2] Slowswift had two cousins named Aledin and Troalin; their mother, presumably Slowswift's aunt, had been executed by the Steel Ministry after a dalliance with a skaa. Yomen had swept the execution under the rug, and Slowswift knew that they still held a grudge against him.[7] Slowswift arranged for the cousins to help Vin escape observation.[2] After assisting Vin, the cousins were discovered and thrown in jail; they became leaders under Spook after the Catacendre,[7] but Slowswift's fate is unknown.


  • Slowswift is an homage to J.R.R. Tolkien.[8][9] The name "Slowswift" honors Tolkien's penchant for wordplay, and his physical appearance and love of magical creatures are also modeled after Tolkien.[10]
  • Although he has many similarities, he isn't Hoid.[8][9]


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