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Relatives Aledin, Troalin
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Slowswift is a noble storyteller from Fadrex City on Scadrial. He is a friend of Ashweather Cett and assists Vin on several occasions.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is elderly, and has white hair and bushy eyebrows.[1] He wears a nobleman's suit, and adds a scarf and overcoat when outdoors.[1][2] He is always seen smoking a pipe.[1][2] He is very calm, measured, and observant; Vin finds him inscrutable.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

When talking with Vin, Slowswift mentions legends about spren and shades,[1] indicating he may have at least some cosmere awareness.


Slowswift was once a good friend of Ashweather Cett's, and the two of them shared their writings with each other for a decade before Cett became increasingly involved in politics.[1] Slowswift preferred "longtales" about magical creatures to Cett's gritty, realistic poetry.[1] He remained in touch with Cett, although he believed that power had made him "brutal" because he tried too hard.[1]

He was included in a list of potential informants that Cett provided to Elend and Vin when they hoped to get a better understanding of the current political and social climate in the Western Dominance.[3] Vin approached Slowswift at his mansion in Fadrex City and confirmed that he was not an Allomancer.[1] He was knowledgeable about current events in Scadrial and told Vin that he had a "wealth of information". Vin asked about Aradan Yomen; Slowswift surprised her by claiming that Yomen was a good man, which he genuinely believed to be the case.[4] They discussed the plight of the skaa and Vin's confusion about their seeming desire to return to oppression; Slowswift pointed out that Yomen was doing what needed to be done in order to maintain stability, including throwing a ball that night at Keep Orielle.[1] When Vin asked about Yomen's weaknesses, Slowswift was not cooperative, but eventually relented after Vin gave an impassioned speech on the need for change.[5] Slowswift may have also been influenced by Vin's status as the potential Hero of Ages.[1] He told Vin that Yomen was only a mediocre leader, and that his unfailing belief in the Lord Ruler sometimes limited his effectiveness. He also implied that Yomen's unusual wealth could stem from an atium cache.[1] Despite his respect for Vin, he still demanded payment for his help.[1]

Vin ended up attending the ball at Keep Orielle, and Slowswift was also present. Vin was being closely watched by Yomen's spies, but managed to ask Slowswift for his help.[2] Slowswift had two cousins named Aledin and Troalin; their mother, presumably Slowswift's aunt, had been executed by the Steel Ministry after a dalliance with a skaa. Yomen had swept the execution under the rug, and Slowswift knew that they still held a grudge against him.[6] Slowswift arranged for the cousins to help Vin escape observation.[2] After assisting Vin, the cousins were discovered and thrown in jail; they became leaders under Spook after the Catacendre,[6] but Slowswift's fate is unknown.


  • Slowswift is an homage to J.R.R. Tolkien.[7][8] The name "Slowswift" honors Tolkien's penchant for wordplay, and his physical appearance and love of magical creatures are also modeled after Tolkien.[9]


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