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The Lost Metal

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<The Lost Metal
Mistborn Era 2
Follows The Bands of Mourning
Setting Scadrial, Cosmere
Released Forthcoming (2019)[1]
Publisher Tor Books

The Lost Metal is the tentative title for the fourth and final book set in Mistborn Era 2.[2]

Possible Information[edit]

This page or section deals with theories or speculation.
Please read carefully and note that this is not necessarily canonical.

The Lost Metal may refer to Atium or Lerasium, possibly even Harmonium (Ettmetal).[Citation needed]

Behind the Scenes[edit]

Following completion of The Alloy of Law Brandon plotted out three more books, following the same characters, to finish the story. The last of these is The Lost Metal.

It is estimated to be released in Fall 2019.[1]


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