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The Reckoners is a young adult series written by Brandon Sanderson. The original series of books included Steelheart, Firefight, Calamity, Lux and a novelette, Mitosis. An additional story about a different group of Reckoners was recently released, with Lux being released in July of 2021 as an audio original.[1]


The setting of The Reckoners series is a twenty-first century alternate Earth. Visible in the sky is a large red object called Calamity, which appeared twelve years before the events of Steelheart. One year after the emergence of Calamity, the Epics, super-powered humans, appeared.


Year Book Order Length Notes Refs
2013 Steelheart #1 Novel [2]
Mitosis #1.5 Novelette [3]
2015 Firefight #2 Novel [4]
2016 Calamity #3 Novel [5] [6]
2021 Lux #4 Novel Audio original; cowritten with Steven Michael Bohls. [7]


  • Brandon initially planned another series in the same universe, The Apocalypse Guard, about a group that works to save planets from mass extinctions.[8] The first book, however, didn't work, and Brandon is currently working on revising with the help of his friend and author Dan Wells.[9] He has not fully ruled out a connection to the Reckoners universe, but it is not a priority.[10]

Cover Galleries[edit]

Steelheart · (Mitosis) · Firefight · Calamity


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