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Nightwielder by malishiru.png
Abilities Epic
Residence Newcago
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)

Nightwielder is a High Epic that is part of Steelheart's inner circle. He is the one responsible for Newcago's constant darkness.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Nightwielder is tall with short hair, and is thought by David to be of Japanese descent. He is described as only being "half-there,"[1] although when he is corporeal, he looks frail. He typically has a pool of dark mist around him, although he can easily turn this mist into solid tendrils of darkness, which can be seen moving through the air. [1][2] In his full glory, Nightwielder appears to be clothed in night, with darkness writhing around him. [3]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Epic Abilities[edit]

He can pass through matter and no weapon can harm him while in this form. Nightwielder is almost never seen in corporeal form.
Nightwielder is powerful enough to keep the entire city of Newcago dark except for the light from Calamity.
Dark mist
Nightwielder exudes a dark mist that pools around him. The mist can be controlled by him and be given solid form, for example, a spear that can impale someone.
At a few points in Steelheart, Nightwielder displays the ability to levitate and fly. This ability appears to go in tandem with incorporeality. [1]

Epic Weakness[edit]

This page or section deals with theories or speculation.
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Nightwielder becomes corporeal whenever he has UV light shining on him. This doesn't affect the large-scale darkness.[4] It has been theorized that this is due to him having had skin cancer at some point before he became an Epic.


During the unexpected encounter in Diamond's weapon shop, David confirmed his suspicion that Nightwielder's weakness is UV by pretending to have accidentally activated a UV camera. Uncertain whether this was deliberate or not, Nightwielder chose not to attack. Nightwielder was killed by David Charleston's exploitation of his weakness during the Reckoners' assassination of Steelheart. [5]


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