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Region Chicago
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Newcago is the name of the city founded and led by Steelheart on the metallic ruins of Chicago.[1]

Steelheart rules Newcago with a steel fist, but is eventually killed by the Reckoners.[2]

During Steelheart's fit of rage after he was shot and inexplicably wounded, he transformed much of Lake Michigan, the city, and much of the underground into solid steel in an event known as the Great Transfersion.[1] The upper class and party members live above, while peasants live in a network of caverns and factories underground. It is said the Epic Digzone granted some of his powers to the Diggers,[3] who eventually went insane, causing the tunnels to become erratic and impossible to navigate. It is in these tunnels that the Reckoners have one of their hideouts.[4] David Charleston grew up in a weapons factory there. [5]

Newcago is one of few locations left in America that still has running water, infrastructure, electricity, food, and a police force. Even though it was ruled under the oppressive regime of Steelheart, people flocked to it, even if they lived in poor conditions. The police force is known as Enforcement and is heavily militarized. [6]

Newcago is also the base of operations for Steelheart's three main subordinates: Firefight, Conflux, and Nightwielder. The city was kept in perpetual darkness, except for the light from Calamity, by Nightwielder before he was killed during the Steelheart hit. [6]

There are about 250,000 people in Newcago. 1,000 or so of these people are Epics.[7]

Notable residents[edit]


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