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Ruler Lifeforce
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners
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Lux belongs to the worthy


Lux, formerly Sugar Land, Texas, is a flying city ruled by the High Epic Lifeforce. An Epic named Wingflare keeps the city in the air, and an Epic named Cloudbreaker controls the weather in Lux, keeping it warm and livable despite the high altitude. A fourth Epic, Languish, has the power to negate other Epics abilities, effectively keeping the city safe from other Epics.[2] Lux’s last known location is over Sweetwater, Texas.[3][4]

Lux flies over Texas, looting and pillaging towns. It has a well founded reputation as a floating paradise, and every few months it drops ladders over a city to allow new residents to climb into the city. Lux is filled with neighborhoods and parks, and when the Reckoners first climb into it there is a carnival going on. New Lux residents are assigned their own house upon entering the city. There are no cars, and many people use bicycles to get around. People entering Lux are not allowed to have any weapons, or anything that could be used as a weapon. This includes guns, knives, and even belts.[5]

A large portion of the city’s power is provided by windmills.[2][5]



Throne Room[edit]

Lifeforce’s throne room is thoroughly decorated with gold, including the chandelier, decorations, and banisters. The floor is marble inlaid with gold, and the room is decorated with golden pillars and a grand golden staircase. Lifeforce’s golden throne is elevated so that people have to look up to meet his eyes.[6]


Lifeforce and Parik have a lab underneath the palace where they store information on Epics, as well as their DNA samples. The room is filled with electronically activated steel cupboards, each one labeled with an Epic’s name. Another group of cupboards holds confiscated items. Each Epic drawer contains a file on that Epic, blood samples, and often pieces of that Epic, such as fingers or hair.[7]

Chrysalis Hollows[edit]

The Chrysalis Hollows is the special sectioned off area of the lab where Lifeforce preforms his most important experiment. It is separated from the rest of the lab by a large red door, on which is written the words “rise anew”. The door is locked with both a keypad and a handprint scanner, only permitting Lifeforce and Parik to open it. Inside, numerous Chrysalis chambers line the walls, each one shrouded by a pane of frosted glass, which turn clear upon Lifeforce’s touch.[6][7]

Raven Tunnels[edit]

The Ravens operate out of a system of tunnels underneath the city, near the power grid. They get their assignments from the Raven command center there. The tunnels also go all the way to the bottom of the city, providing a series of holes in the bottom. During raids, Wingflare flies the Ravens out of these openings to attack.[8][9]


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