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Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)
Introduced In Lux
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That creature is free from the restless torment of his once-polluted flesh. I was the slumbering companion that lived inside him. The demon who carried him through the disquiet of his mind. I am something other than Epic. Something other than man. I am Deathrise.


Deathrise is a mysterious entity that inhabited Lifeforce and now lives inside Paige. Before he dies, Lifeforce injects a mysterious substance into Paige, which causes her to pass out for several days.[2] She awakes, and doesn’t feel any physical pain. Deathrise causes Paige to think harsh, mean thoughts about everyone, including Jax. Deathrise tells Paige that she is a blank canvas that he can turn into a masterpiece. It seems to have some control over its host, as it stops Paige from talking to Jax about it.[1]

The demon wouldn’t allow it. It wanted death and suffering, no matter how inanimate that death may be.


When it was inside Lifeforce, Deathrise occasionally caused Lifeforce to experience bouts of intense fury and rage, giving him the intense desire to violently murder those around him. Lifeforce can manage to control these impulses somewhat, but not completely.[3] When Lifeforce took on Cloudbreaker’s powers, his concentration slipped and Deathrise broke free, using Cloudbreaker’s power to accelerate the frost against Lifeforce’s will.[4]


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