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World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In Calamity

IIdithia is an Epic-ruled city maintained by Larcener. Ildithia was once the city of Atlanta.


Sometime after the rise of Calamity, the city of Atlanta turned to salt and began to move across the countryside, with the city constantly rotating. The salt buildings and cars will gradually breakdown when the city moves away, but the disappeared buildings will "grow" back on the direction the city is moving. Due to this, the people of Ildithia have developed transient 'families' that move with the city, relying on tradition and mob-like protection to secure their resources.


Ildithia is run by a group of Epics known as the Coven.

Current Status[edit]

With the disappearance of Larcener, the fate of Ildithia is unknown.


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