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Faultline portrait.png
Died After Annexation
Abilities Epic
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Faultline is an powerful Epic, though she does not have any immortality benefits.[1] She worked for Steelheart but later rebelled against him, resulting in her death.[2]

Faultline was a thin woman who wore her hair in a bun.[3] She had two second-tier abilities--moving softer earth and turning earth and stone into sand--which combined into a first-tier power. She was powerful, but fragile. Faultline is only ever seen using her powers when she sends the First Union Bank deep underground by turning the earth into sand, and letting it sink. She also creates a cushion of earth around the bank as it sank, ultimately protecting it. It is also known that Faultline can appear to make earthquakes, by softening the earth and pulling back on it, though it is never shown.[1]


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