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Calamity (Epic)
Abilities All-powerful Epic
Aliases Larcener
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)
Introduced In Calamity

Calamity, also known as Larcener, is an inhuman being who is the origin of the powers of the Epics.[1] He is an Epic with every possible ability.[2] He appears as a star in the sky[3] and as Larcener on Earth.[1] His appearance in the sky one year before people started to become Epics causes people to name him Calamity, though none know his true origin.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Calamity appears as a bright, crimson-colored star to people on Earth.[4] He creates the star effect by glowing brightly while on the International Space Station, which he turns to glass.[5] As the fake Epic Larcener, he appears to be a tall young man with short black hair and pale skin.[6] He has a childish and whiny personality, and a surprisingly nasal voice, and frequently mutters about how horrible humans are.[6][7][1]

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

Everyone believed that Larcener had the power of assuming--the ability to steal other Epics' powers--which explained Larcener possessing so many powers. However, in actuality, Calamity is the source of all Epic abilities, therefore having all abilities, and understands how to use all of them intricately.[2] He can simply take back the abilities from Epics, hence his name Larcener. However, he cannot take abilities from the Epics who have conquered their fears.[8][2]



Calamity is an inhuman being whose origin is mostly unknown. He is a part of group of similar beings who for some reason want to prove, by experimenting in different universes, that humans always misuse power.[1] Calamity is born on Earth as a human, and finds life on the planet painful and confusing in comparison to the place where he originated. After ten years of living on Earth, observing mankind, Calamity decides that he has had enough, and starts living in the International Space Station, which he turns to glass.[5] He uses his limitless abilities to glow brightly, making him appear to be a star from the viewpoint of people on Earth. After a year of being a star, he begins to gift powers to humans,[3] creating Epics who are corrupted by him as they receive his hatred for the human race.[1] Shortly afterwards, Calamity sends a clone of himself to Earth, to try to discover what humans saw in Earth.[1] He pretends to be an Assumer Epic whom people name Larcener. He joins the Coven and takes over the city of Atlanta, which he renames to Ildithia.[9]


Regalia communicates with Calamity and asks him to make particular people into new Epics or enhance some Epics' abilities. How they established communication is unknown. Regalia and Calamity attempt to give the powers of Steelheart to David,[10] but he suppresses them.[11]


Prof attacks Ildithia with the goal of becoming the city's new ruler, so Calamity's clone Larcener takes refuge with the Reckoners in their base.[6] Larcener is very whiny, cowardly, and lazy, and doesn't want to be helpful to the Reckoners or do anything but hide.

Later, during a final battle with Prof, Larcener unexpectedly shows up and attempts to take Prof's abilities back.[12]

Obliteration teleports David to the International Space Station to confront Calamity.[5] Calamity reveals himself as Larcener to David, who proceeds to detonate a bomb made from Obliteration's powers.[1] Calamity instantly reverses the effects of the explosion and tries to kick David out of the space station. Prof and Megan teleport into the space station to rescue David, and then Megan sends David and Calamity to the alternate reality where the real Firefight exists.[2] David shows that Epics in this reality are not corrupted by their powers, and that Calamity's counterpart left Earth after making people into Epics. When Calamity realizes he, not humans, is the source of corruption, he collapses and disappears. What happens to him is unknown.[13]


Calamity is a member of an organization that not much is known about. However, they do not have the same sensory organs that humans do. Calamity says that they do not have eyes, nor lights at all. This makes all light harsh to him.[1] For some reason, this organization wants to destroy the humans, and sent Calamity to bring the powers and orchestrate their downfall. However, these entities are not permitted to interfere in any way beyond granting powers. Even tainting the powers with corruption as Calamity did is forbidden. This organization has done the same to many other realms.[1] Their language is described by David as a terrible screeching, and inhuman.[2]

Calamity, as a clone of himself, is a member of the Coven and the ruler of Ildithia. He forces lesser Epics to do all work for him.[14]

Calamity is not a Shard of Adonalsium, as the Reckoners is not part of the cosmere universe.[15]



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