Calamity (Epic)

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Calamity (Epic)
Abilities Epic
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Calamity is a mysterious and seemingly all-powerful Epic who arrived in orbit of Earth exactly, one year before Epics appeared.[1]

Calamity grants power to normal humans, shaping their strengths and weaknesses to the dreams and nightmares of the subject human. It is yet unknown why he does this.

David Charleston is, so far, the only human known to have been able resist the powers of an Epic being forced upon him by Calamity.

Calamity communicates with Regalia, an Epic ruler of Babilar.

Calamity appears as a glowing red star in the sky, though he has been seen as a red man with wings in the sky by Regalia in a telescope.

He lives undercover as the Epic Larcener, part of the Coven in the salt city of Illidithia. David, Megan, and Phaedrus stop him when they prove to him that mankind isn't a monstrous race, and that his presence above Earth drove Epics to evil. Calamity then faded away, leaving as he did in an alternate reality revealed by Megan where Calamity was supposed to leave once he gave powers to humanity.

It is unknown if he's dead.


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