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Briggen by Potato-sunrise.jpg
Groups Reckoners
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners
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Girls at the Coop looked at him with dreamy eyes and smiled too much when they talked to him.

—Jax’s description of Briggen[1]

Briggen is part of the Texas Reckoner cell. During the infiltration of Lux, Briggen betrays his fellow Reckoners to Lifeforce in exchange for an easy and luxurious life.[2]


At the Coop[edit]

After Jax had been at the Coop for a few years, Zeff had Briggen fight him in the practice ring, despite Briggen being five years older than Jax. Briggen was much better, and easily defeated Jax over and over. After two weeks Briggen received a field assignment and left the Coop.[3]

Arlington and Galveston[edit]

I felt like I’d robbed a piece of the joy he’d used to have. He’d lost more than just his pretty face. It was something deeper, in his soul.


Briggen was with Abigail’s team in Arlington. When things went awry and many of the Texas Reckoners died, Briggen was one of the few Reckoners who survived. When the remaining Texas Reckoners debated whether or not to keep going, it was Briggen who suggested that it might be time to give up.

Briggen was also part of the Reckoner team during the events at Galveston. After Abigail called the retreat, Briggen and Wade left their post. They were exposed to a shrapnel burst caused by Jax recklessly firing rockets at the Ravens. Abigail gets Briggen back to the rendezvous, where Hershel tends to him. The shrapnel horribly scarred one side of his face, but other than the scarring he soon made a full recovery. When the Texas Reckoners debated whether or not to keep going, it is Briggen who suggests that it might be time to give up.

Infiltration of Lux[edit]

Briggen took part in the infiltration of Lux. He and the other Texas Reckoners climbed up into the city, then took cover in a house while they planned what to do. During a stealth mission, brigand and Jax had to hook the Wingflare motivator up to the city’s power grid. Since they were doing it from a nearby closet, him and Jax had to use boomerang watches to teleport in and out of the room, working for thirty seconds at a time. After a while, Briggen and Jax disagreed on which wire to connect, and they knew that the wrong one could cause disaster. Briggen insisted that he was right, and told Jax that he owes him. When Jax relented and let Briggen connect the wire, the alarm went off and Ravens flooded into the room. When Briggen’s boomerang watch broke, Jax had to leave him, and Briggen was captured by Ravens.


I thought I was going to die. Just like all the others in Arlington. All for nothing! Lifeforce made me an offer.

—Briggen explaining his betrayal to Abigail[2]

When Briggen was captured by the Ravens and held in Lifeforce’s palace, he and Lifeforce made a deal. Briggen betrayed his friends, telling Lifeforce about their plans and agreeing to lead his friends into a trap. The other Reckoners send Briggen a coded message through his broken Boomerang watch, and he responds, telling them to hurry to Lifeforce’s palace and to bring the mitosis motivator. They arrive at the palace, and Briggen pretended that he had just escaped his guards. He joins the others as they rush into the throne room to confront Lifeforce. Jax tries to use the mitosis motivator to kill Lifeforce, but Languish was able to dampen the motivator due to Briggen’s prior warning. Hundreds of Ravens flooded into the room and surrounded the Reckoners, and Briggen revealed his betrayal to his fellow Reckoners. Lifeforce thanks Briggen, then slashes a long gash through his torso. Lifeforce uses his powers to heal Briggen, announcing him as his newest Raven. The other Reckoners ask why he betrayed them, but Briggen couldn’t meet their eyes because of his shame.

After the other Reckoners were captured by Lifeforce, Briggen went to his new house, which was large and luxurious. He grilled a prime steak, but was soon overwhelmed by guilt and shame for what he had done. He realized that even Lifeforce was helping other people by creating a floating paradise, while Briggen was only looking out for himself. Briggen, horrified at his actions, vomited all over his steak.


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