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Abraham Desjardins
Groups Reckoners
Nationality Canadian
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)
Introduced In Steelheart

The heroes will come. Someday we will have Epics that do no kill, do not hate, do not dominate. We will be protected.

—Abraham to David[1]

Abraham Desjardins[2] is a member of the Reckoners.[3]

Abraham is Canadian and has a slight French accent. He is usually a soft spoken person, which is contrasted by the fact that he apparently has a fondness for large guns. He is one of the Faithful. Prior to the arrival of Calamity, he was an officer in Canadian special forces; his entire squad was killed by the Epic Powder while he was in the stockade awaiting his court martial.[4]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Heck, a rabid Chihuahua having a seizure would stop and listen when Abraham spoke.


Abraham is lean yet muscular, and usually appears as calm.[6] He is the heavy weapons man of Prof's Reckoner cell.[7] Along with Tia, Abraham is also one of the most skilled with the tensors.[8] He claims that using the tensors feels like blowing a ring of smoke.[9]

Abraham laughs a lot, despite his past. While it is not certain what happened in Abraham's past, Abraham does not want to talk about it.[10] He once punched Cody in the jaw for asking about Abraham's backstory.[11]

Abraham wears a small silver pendant in the shape of an S, desginating that he is a Faithful.[1] However, Abraham believes that they should also help the good Epics out, by targeting the more powerful Epics. He believes that if they are scared to target the most powerful Epics, then the Epics will still rule.[12]

He is sometimes called "Abe" by various members of the Reckoners.[8][13]

Abraham is very thoughtful and wise,[14][1] and is described as someone that everybody would stop and listen to.[5]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Along with Tia, he is one of the most skilled users of the tensors. He often manages technology for the Reckoners.[8][12]


Between 1 and 10 A.C. (After Calamity)[edit]

Abraham was a part of Joint Task Force 2, the primary Canadian special forces division. When David asked about his service, Abraham said he was an officer of "high enough" rank, but declined to elaborate. When Powder attacked Canadian military bases, he killed everyone in Abraham's team at Trenton. Abraham was gone from Trenton, as he was awaiting court-martial in the stockade. This happened two years after Calamity rose.[4]

Abraham claims to have had an encounter with Nightwielder sometime before David Charleston joined the Reckoners, though this may have been a lie to convince Diamond to play along.[15] During his time with the Reckoners, Abraham argued to Prof that the Reckoners need to target more powerful Epics if they were to actually accomplish anything meaningful. When they decided to target Fortuity in Newcago, Abraham argued that they should instead target Conflux, a more important Epic. However, Prof had disagreed with Abraham, and continued to run things the way they were.[12][16]

Fighting Steelheart[edit]

As a part of Prof's Reckoner cell, Abraham was with the team during the attack on Fortuity. He kept eyes on Fortuity, and led Megan to him when he tried to run away.[3] Abraham rode in the passenger seat of the garbage truck (the Reckoner's current getaway vehicle) when the Reckoners picked up David. When the Reckoners escaped through the depths of the steel catacombs, Abraham held up the rear, protecting them from behind with his massive gun.[17] After David convinced the Reckoners to stay and fight Steelheart, Abraham prepped Hole Fourteen on Prof's orders.

Diamond's Shop[edit]

When David announces his plan to the Reckoners, Abraham is in almost complete agreement with David, particularly because it is the same thing he had fought for before with Prof: fighting more powerful Epics.[12][16] When Prof finally agreed with the plan, he sent Abraham to Diamond's place, along with Megan and David.[9] Along the way, they encountered a group of outcasts underground, who wanted their guns, particularly Abraham's gun. Abraham challenged their leader to a duel, who instantly shot Abraham. However, Abraham was protected by Prof's healing powers (although Abraham believed it was the harmsway), and shot the man in the thigh. The outcasts thought that Abraham was an Epic, and so let him pass.[18]

When they reached Diamond's shop, Abraham gave a data chip to a young girl in a yellow dress, who let them in.[18] In Diamond's shop, Abraham revealed to David that Steelheart was secretly afraid of the smart people, because those were the ones who would figure out his weakness. Abraham bought a gauss gun developed off of Rick O'Shea, a pack of erasers that will detonate when a certain pen is clicked, and motorcycles with gravatonics (although he bought the motorcycles secretly).[19][20] He pays for these using cells of four Epics (including Absence, and a data chip that contained explosions.[19] When Nightwielder showed up to Diamond's shop, two hours early,[15] David was forced to sell Abraham's gun to him, in an attempt to distract Nightwielder, while Abraham escaped using the tensors.[21] Abraham revealed that he had a history with Nightwielder, and that he would recognize Abraham.[15]

Because David sold Abraham's gun, Abraham was forced to find a new one.[22] While he new gun was a similar model, it didn't have as many bells and whistles as his previous one.[23]

Abraham came back later and kidnapped Diamond, to prevent him from blabbing about the hole in his wall that Abraham made. It was also for his safety, as Nightwielder would come back to Diamond the instant he saw David. Diamond was offered a place to hide and lots of food in exchange for staying low.[24]

Newcago's Power Point[edit]

The Reckoners attacked Newcago's power plant, in a dual attempt to steal fuel for the gauss gun and to destroy the power plant in Newcago, further planting the idea of a rival Epic. The day before the attack, Abraham scouted the area, using the tensors to dig an underground tunnel. During the attack, Abraham and Prof were the first team. They broke in where all the huge equipment was stored, and worked their way upwards, charging explosives.

During the next few days, Abraham and Tia worked to find the First Union Bank, which Faultline had sent far under the surface. Abraham used his tensors to get to the bank.[23]

Abraham ran a supply run for the Reckoner cell, and he, David, and Megan unloaded all the food from the crates. When David asked Prof about what will happen to Newcago, both Prof and Abraham told him that Newcago would probably be a worse place because of it. Abraham rubbed his Faithful necklace while he said this. When Megan argued, and said that a worse Epic would rule Newcago, Abraham said they would just have to wait for a good Epic, revealing his status as Faithful.[1]

Attack on Conflux[edit]

When Prof decided it was time to attack Conflux, Abraham loaded the motorcycles into the van, along with Cody.[20] When Cody starts one of his made-up stories, both David and Megan mute him. However, Abraham, who is sitting right next to Cody, complains that it is difficult to mute Cody when he is sitting next to you. When they pulled up to the car they were certain Conflux was in, Abraham checked the dowser and revealed that there was indeed a very powerful Epic inside.[25] However, this is likely because both Conflux and Nightwielder were in the car.[20]

When Nightwielder and the other Enforcement officers attacked, Abraham took out the motorcycles from their crate, and gave one to Cody and Megan, keeping one for himself. He refused to give one to David, because he had heard how terrible David's driving abilities were. As Abraham tried to leave, he inadvertently went the wrong way, drawing Enforcement. However, David and Megan drew the Enforcement officers away from Abraham's position. He told Megan to meet him up at Fourth and Nodell, where he came skidding out of a side street, nearly parallel to the ground.[20] While he gets away safely, Megan and David are followed, resulting in Megan's death.[26] However, Abraham did not escape unscathed: he got a bullet in the arm, and had to wear a sling afterwards.[27] However, the harmsway would ensure that wound only persisted a few more days.[27]

After Megan died, Abraham told David that he needed to live his life, instead of having Steelheart live it for him. After this, Abraham and the rest of the Reckoner cell interrogate Conflux, who they actually managed to abduct. Abraham positioned a large flashlight on Conflux's face, so he could keep Conflux disorientated. [28]

The Plan[edit]

After Conflux shut off most of the power in Newcago, the Reckoners discussed how they would attack Steelheart. When David dedicated the following fight with Steelheart to Megan, Abraham noted that it was ironic, because Megan was the one who didn't want to bring down Steelheart. He claimed that the truth was not a downer, only the lies that they pretend to accept. Abraham believed that the specific type of gun was the thing that hurt Steelheart. However, Prof believed that only the Faithful could harm Steelheart, and claimed that Abraham might be able to kill Steelheart.[24]

Abraham suggested that they set explosives beneath Soldier Field, which the rest of the team agreed with. He then took care of the UV headlights, so they might be able to turn Nightwielder into corporeal form. Abraham was also in charge of blowing the secondary charges on the far wall, in case they needed a distraction.[14]

The Fight on Soldier Field[edit]

Abraham was the first to see the Enforcers show up to Soldier Field. He did not, however, see Steelheart. As the Enforcers streamed into Soldier Field, Abraham and Tia gave a running commentary of what they were doing. When Prof finally speaks through the speakers, Abraham sees Steelheart descend from the sky. Throughout the fight, Abraham gave the other Reckoners support, targeting anyone who was on to a Reckoner's position, and letting the Reckoner know, so they could head out to a different position.[29][30]

Abraham, with Cody's help, got a large group of soldiers to fire blindly through smoke, not realizing that Steelheart was in the middle of said smoke. However, the crossover did not kill Steelheart, as they had presumed.[31] As the plan began to crumble, Abraham blew the side of Soldier Field, allowing them to escape. Before getting into the elevator, Abraham lent David his gun, to cover their retreat. However, David turned on the remote fire switch, and left Abraham's gun firing at the Enforcers.[32] When David told Tia that he and Prof were lost, Tia, Abraham, and Cody started to leave in the copter.[33] However, they returned when David killed Steelheart.[34]


In the fight with Sourcefield, the plan immediately starts to go wrong. Prof was supposed to run point, but Abraham found him encased in an energy bubble.[35] Abraham brought the Enforcer squad, who was now on their side, to fight Sourcefield. Abraham goes down when Sourcefield hits him with a blast of energy, but he is saved by Prof's healing powers.[36]

When David shows Abraham the petals from Sourcefield's pocket, he recognizes them from Babilar, the same place Mitosis came from.[37] Abraham and David head back to the secret base where they share the information with Prof and Tia. However, Prof and Tia retreat to another room to discuss their plans. Abraham warned David when he looked at his notes on Tia's desk, and when he interrupted Tia and Prof while they were talking. Of course, that does not hold David back.[38] When Prof decides to take David with him to Babilar, Abraham takes David's old gun (which was broken), and replaces it with a modern German Gottschalk. David isn't sure about this, but takes it anyways. As a final gift, Abraham gives David his Faithful necklace. He and Cody were left at Newcago, to protect it.[39]

Abraham's Mobile[edit]

Megan revealed that she can still hear whenever someone called Abraham's mobile, because he never changed his.[40] After Prof turned evil, they didn't contact Abraham on his mobile, but instead used the radio to contact him.[41] This is probably because they were afraid Prof might be able to track the mobiles.

Going After Prof[edit]

Attack on Knighthawk Foundry[edit]

Abraham was a part of the attack on Knighthawk Foundry. He was hiding in a tree, his dark outfit blending in to the shade of the tree. He was wearing a wetsuit-like material, which hid the majority of his heat signature. When the time for the attack came, he nimbly slid down the tree on a thin cable, and silently ran across the forest floor to the castle. No drones saw him, and he was able to sneak through an alcove. However, there was a door he was unable to get past. David found a door that went in, but Abraham was unable to get there in time, so David went in alone.[42] Abraham did later manage to get in through the roof,[43] but only managed to steal two decoys. One creates the sound of a dog barking, while the other makes fingernails grow faster, but not stronger.[44]

Abraham, Megan, and Abraham talked to Dean Knighthawk for a bit before he allowed the remaining Reckoners to come in.[2][44] Dean Knighthawk used Abraham's last name: Desjardins. While Abraham did not seemed surprised, he was not happy to hear Knighthawk use it.[2] Abraham was led through the castle by one of Knighthawk's little drones, so that he could find Cody and Mizzy, and lead them inside to Knighthawk. Abraham tried to get Cody to name a Scottish city other than Edinburgh, and was amused when Cody named Paris, London, and Dublin as cities that the Scots had "originally founded." After Knighthawk provided them with two motivators and the location of Prof, Abraham was rather optimistic, claiming they were in a better spot than they were before.[44]

Road to Ildithia[edit]

Abraham drove in the same jeep that David and Mizzy were in. He got out to stretch his legs around Mile Marker 32, and when he came back, Mizzy and David were in the middle of a discussion about Mizzy wanting to murder Megan. He did not join the conversation. [13] He did caution David when he attempted to use the rtich, however. When they reached Kansas City and found it destroyed by Obliteration, Abraham tested for radiation but found none. [45]

As they were nearing Ildithia, Abraham revealed what he knew about Ildithia to the rest of the Reckoners. [46] Abraham had scouted here a few years back.[47] He explained that getting into Ildithia was not a problem. Even though they would be searched, the guards actually expected people to be armed and didn't care if people brought weapons in. The Reckoners should also keep their heads down, to prevent suspicion. [46]

New Base[edit]

While the Reckoners set up their new base, Abraham revealed to David that he had brought an imager, along with Steelheart's steel skull. The imager still had much of Prof's notes on it from when they had fought Steelheart. When Abraham suggested that David get the team together in one of the rooms to talk about their plan, David agreed, but said that they would take a walk instead.[48]

Because the base was less secure than the Reckoner's other bases, Abraham took all the important items with him in a bag, with gravatonics. He also painted David's gun, to make it stand out less.

Tracking Tia[edit]

David placed his broken mobile in a crate, and told Abraham to place the crate with the others from the UTC shipment. Abraham did not understand what David was up to until he spotted the hidden mobile inside.[49]

Later that same day, David made Abraham go out on another walk with him, upon which Abraham exclaimed if David thought he is fat. He bought bicycles for the two of them, which reminded David of his father. They set out, tracking the mobile in the crate. Abraham and David eventually found the Stingray Clan, whom Tia was hiding among.[50] Even though, David had not told Abraham what they were doing, Abraham was not surprised when he saw Tia. He had put together what David was doing a while back. When David failed at convincing Tia that he had cracked the conundrum about Epic weaknesses, Abraham stepped forward and confirmed David's statements. David realized that bringing Abraham was a very smart thing to do, because Tia was almost instantly convinced.

Attack on Sharp Tower[edit]

Abraham practiced with the rtich in the kitchen of the new base, and he actually did manage to get it to work, unlike David.[51][45]

Abraham was part of Team Hip with Mizzy.[52] Abraham used the rtich as stairs to get up to the second floor of Sharp Tower. He and Mizzy then ascended sixty-eight floors using wire climbers: they attached to the elevator cables and shot upwards.[53] While David and Megan took out the power, Abraham and Mizzy went through the seventieth floor unnoticed by dead cameras.[54] They had to engage two guards and avoid a hidden camera, but successfully freed Tia from her cell. Unfortunately, somehow, Prof knew when they broke Tia out.[55] Tia wanted to take Abraham and Mizzy to Prof's chambers to get his plans, but David vetoed this plan. However, as Abraham and Mizzy were about to take Tia back down Sharp Tower, she escaped from them and ran to Prof's chambers.[56] While it was not his fault, Abraham could not take Tia's death lightly, as he disobeyed his superior officer.[57]


David noticed that Megan and Mizzy were actually talking, and not strangling each other. David made to go over there, but Abraham stopped him, telling him that they were adults who didn't need his intervention. He asked David to help him practice with the rtich, to uncover its full potential. When David drops a large slab near Abraham, Abraham stepped directly under it, and used the rtich to make a brace and a partial shield on his hand to deflect the slab.[11]

When David realized that Prof was actually planning on attacking in one day, despite the two day warning he had given the Reckoners, Abraham went straight for the power cells and guns. He hurriedly packed them in his bag with gravatonics. However, when they realized they were surrounded, Abraham suggested leaving everything, as it would make them more suspicious. However, the Reckoners instead decided to fight.[58]

The Fight against Prof[edit]

At first, Abraham fired upon Prof with his gravatonic minigun. However, when Prof went to squash Abraham in a forcefield, he used the rtich to form a brace. Unfortunately, Abraham's rtich did not have a harmsway, so Cody had to make sure forcefields always protected Abraham.[59] Abraham kept getting stuck in Prof's forcefields, but Megan was able to pull him out whenever he got stuck. However, Abraham got his arm sheared off--rtich included--by one of Prof's forcefields.[60] Mizzy was able to retrieve Abraham alive, but made it clear that he needed the harmsway to survive in one piece.

Megan accesses another reality where Abraham actually ran ops for the team. In that reality, Megan needed to learn the rtich, and so was able to bring over the rtich and use it in the "real" world.[61]


After Calamity was defeated, Abraham still needed his arm to be healed. Now that Prof had the influence of Calamity removed, he would have to heal Abraham the next time he saw him.[62]


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