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Sharp Tower
City Ildithia
World Earth (Reckoners)

Sharp Tower is a hotel in Ildithia used by Larcener and then Prof as a center of operations.[1]


Like all the buildings in Ildithia, this building breaks down and is remade on the other side of Ildithia once a week. Because this building utilizes some machinery, every week, a team must redo all the machinery in the building, which includes lighting, cameras, elevators, and the revolving floor of the restaurant.[1][2] There are seventy-three floors total in the building.[2] The more important Epics in Ildithia reside in Sharp Tower, with the most powerful Epic living at the top.


Revolving Restaurant[edit]

The revolving restaurant on the seventy-first floor of Sharp Tower is one of the frivolities that the Epics enjoy. The room consists of an immovable central hub, and the floor around it rotating in a ring. The central hub consists of a kitchen, bathrooms, and the generator that turns the floor and powers the lighting.[2][3] Larcener let Loophole throw parties in this room, and Prof does not stop this tradition.[1] Because the building breaks down and regrows as salt every week, Loophole would remake the entire wiring and machinery that let the floor run, with the help of a work crew, engineers, and Helium.[2]

Some tables and chairs are cleared to allow dancing, but no Epics usually dance. Instead, they sit at tables with lesser Epics, who hope to gain power. Some of the more important Epics sit on thrones or daises.[2]

In some places, the ceiling rises two floors higher, reaching the top of Sharp Tower. The two partial floors above this room are used solely for lighting.[2]

Tia's Holding Cell[edit]

Tia was being held on the seventieth floor of Sharp Tower. However, the room she was confined in looking nothing like a prison. Instead, it more resembled an old hotel room.[1] This floor is covered in security cameras, and Tia's room was guarded by two normal guards.[2][4]

Prof's Chambers[edit]

Prof's chambers are also located on the seventieth floor, in between the stairs and the elevators. David and Megan run right outside his chambers as they try to find Tia.[5] Also inside Prof's chambers is his office, which is electronically locked. This door and Prof's computer are also powered by a backup generator, in case the wires are cut.[6] This computer contains Regalia's plans to absorb Calamity's powers and become the ultimate Epic.[7]


Once a hotel in Atlanta, the Sharp Tower was transformed to salt, along with the rest of the city, as Atlanta turned into Ildithia.[1] When the Epics decided to reside in Sharp Tower, the salt elevators, cables, and motors were replaced with real ones. This way, the Epics did not have to climb the stairs.[1] Larcerner let Loophole throws parties in Sharp Tower, which many Epics join.

When Tia was captured by Prof, she was brought to Sharp Tower, and help there captive. The Reckoners attempted to rescue Tia from Sharp Tower, but were unsuccessful. Megan summoned Tavi here from another reality to fight Prof, and the resulting fight caused the top three floors to completely vaporize. When Tia died, Prof disentegrated the entire tower.[8] This also resulted in the deaths of half of Ildithia's upper class, who lived in Sharp Tower.[9]

Sharp Tower is the first place that David uses his Epic powers.[8]


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