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Fortuity portrait.png
Died Killed by Megan Tarash[1]
Abilities Epic
Residence Newcago
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)
Introduced In Steelheart

Slontze. His danger sense is weakened if he's attracted to you. So unless he finds you a whole lot prettier than I do, it’s not going to help.

Fortuity is a High Epic living in Newcago. He isn't particularly important in Steelheart's government, and has fallen out of favor with him.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Fortuity has a long face and hawkish nose. Fortuity wears a red pinstriped suit, a red fedora, and a red and black cape.[4]

He is known for being one of the most homicidal epics in Newcago outside of Steelheart's inner circle, having killed a lot of innocent people. He likes to perform extispicy with his victims, an act of reading of entrails to predict the future.[4] He had over a hundred murders tied to his name.[2]

Even though Fortuity's weakness is being attracted to a woman, he still lets himself become attracted. However, Fortuity does not like having women talk back to him.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Epic Powers[edit]


Fortuity has precognition powers, which allows him to sense what will happen in the near future. He can use this power for minor events, liking predicting a dice roll or foretelling the weather. His precognition powers also allow him to never miss with a gun. Fortuity can also use it to easily escape danger caused by conventional methods.[4] This danger sense is incredibly powerful.[1] In fact, his precognition powers are so attuned that he can avoid machine-gun barrage and even tell if his food was poisoned, or if a building was rigged to explode. He is classified as a High Epic because of this power.[4]

Because of this power, Fortuity needs no bodyguards, and believes he does not need to fear anything.[4]

Superhuman Reflexes and Dexterity

He also has a secondary power of superhuman reflexes and dexterity. Fortuity keeps this secondary power secret, so he has an advantage when someone attempts to kill him.[2]


His weakness is his attraction to women.[2] It distracts him from his danger sense. However, his danger sense is still strong enough to detect if he is about to get killed, even while his weakness is in effect. However, he will most likely not realize if someone is about to do something nonlethal to him while the weakness is in effect, such as handcuff him to a pole.[1]

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Because Fortuity's weakness is being attracted to women, it means it is also his fear. However, Fortuity seems to freely let him be attracted, which means he encounters his fear every time he is attracted. This could explain why the attraction doesn't negate his entire power, just distracts him from his danger sense.


On the first Saturday of every month, Fortuity went to see a play at the Reeve Playhouse. He would then look for amusement afterwards.[5]

The Reckoners made plans to kill Fortuity: Megan would walk by and get Fortuity attracted to her. Megan would then convince Fortuity to come to the nearest dance club,[4] but would stop in an alleyway along the way to make out.[6] Then, while Fortuity was distracted, Megan would handcuff Fortuity to the lamppost, and shoot him while he was immobilized.[5]

The plan proceeded as normal at first, but Curveball interrupted,[4] claiming that Spritzer needed Fortuity to run some odds for him. However, David then interrupted, attempting to lead Curveball away from Megan. After David accidentally revealed his fraud to Curveball,[6] Curveball opened fire. However, Fortuity knew that something was wrong even before this. The plan went wrong in some way.[7]

Megan had already gotten the handcuffs on Foruity, but had failed to attach him to the lamppost. Fortuity tried to run away, but Tia blew up the Reeve Playhouse, scaring Foruity back to where the Reckoners wanted him.[7] After some chase, David stole someone's car and trapped Fortuity in an alley. However, Fortuity chose this moment to reveal his heightened reflexes, and gracefully backflipped off of the windshield, shattering the glass. As Fortuity launched for David, Megan checkmated him with two bullets on each side of his body, while he was airborne. The two bullets were impossible to simultaneously dodge and as such killed him.[2][1] The Reckoners did not get a chance to harvest any of Fortuity's cells after they killed him.[8] Initially, it was widely believed that the Reckoners were behind the hit,[9] though the Reckoners later spread rumors claiming that agents of a new Epic, Limelight, were responsible.[10]


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