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Abilities Epic
Aliases Curveball
Residence Newcago
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Curveball was an Epic in Newcago. He was killed in the events surrounding the assassination of Fortuity.[1]


The Reckoners planned to neutralize Fortuity, an infamous High Epic. While Megan was trying to lure Fortuity into a trap, Curveball appeared and gestured Fortuity to go back to Reeve Playhouse, interrupting Reckoners' scheme. Seeing an opportunity to meet his heroes, David showed up to distract Curveball. However, Curveball saw through his lie, and a gun fight broke out. Curveball was killed by Megan.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Epic Abilities[edit]

Endless Fire
This ability allowed him to shoot limitless bullets from a handgun.
Curveball may have possessed other abilities, but they are unknown.


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