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Died Shot by Megan Tarash[1]
Abilities Epic
Aliases Donny Harrison
Residence Newcago
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)
First Appeared Steelheart

Curveball is an Epic in Newcago. His real name is Donny Harrison. He is a bodyguard and hitman who works for Steelheart.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Curveball's Epic ability allows him to continually shoot bullets from any handgun without ever running out of ammunition.[2]

Though it is his primary weapon, Curveball is not actually a good shot, relying on quantity of bullets rather than aiming well. He holds his gun sideways out in front of him, further worsening his aim.[1]


The Reckoners planned to neutralize Fortuity, an infamous High Epic. While Megan was trying to lure Fortuity into a trap, Curveball appeared and gestured Fortuity to go back to Reeve Playhouse, interrupting Reckoners' scheme.[2] Seeing an opportunity to meet his heroes, David showed up to distract Curveball. However, Curveball saw through his lie, and a gun fight broke out.[3] Even though he had endless bullets, he wasn't able to hit David due to his poor aim. Megan shot Curveball, killing him.[1]


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