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Died Killed by Lifeforce[1]
Abilities Epic
Residence Lux
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners
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Cloudbreaker is a Epic that lives in Lux, and is one of the three Epics who works for Lifeforce. She has weather manipulation powers, which she uses to keep Lux at a comfortable temperature year-round despite the elevation. She has the ability to summon a cataclysmic weather event called the frost. She has summoned it twice in her life, and both were when insurgents had infiltrated Lux and were getting out of hand. She causes a thick layer of icy fog to come down over the city, causing temperatures to drop to dangerous levels.

Cloudbreaker doesn’t like serving Lifeforce, and eventually decides that she wants to take command of Lux. She summons the frost for the second time, disobeying Lifeforce’s orders. Lifeforce withdraws his healing power from her, letting an old wound kill her.[1]


  • She used to work as a travel guide.[2]


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