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Region Manhattan
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Babylon Restored, often referred to as Babilar a simplification of "Babyl-R",[1] is the name given to New York City after its streets are flooded by the Epic Regalia, its current ruler.[2]The water floods so high you can see only the supports of bridges, even though they were once over a hundred feet tall.

The ruler of the city is an Epic named Regalia, who has the power to move, see out of, and create projections from water. She is terminally ill and uses her projections to rule the city. Her lower Epics include Obliteration and Newton. Unlike Steelheart, Regalia does not rely on oppression and fear to rule her populace, although Steelheart’s primary reason for such terror was to make people afraid of him, counteracting his weakness. The majority of the citizens live a carefree life of relaxation, partying, and eating, believing that no-one can do anything about the Epics, so just let them have their way. David Charleston has trouble accepting this doctrine.

People travel through the city on boats and on suspended bridges between the tops of buildings.

Due to the influence of Dawnslight, spray paint glows in Babilar. Radios are powered without batteries and fruit grows in buildings.

It was almost destroyed when Regalia died, causing the water to draw back and the supports of the buildings to be exposed, but miraculously, it was not damaged because the roots and vines of Dawnslight's plants had grown into a through the buildings, acting as living reinforcement.


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